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    Studying the Bible, further education to go along with my Ordination. Taking care of my husband and having fun with my Grandson.
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    Celebrate Divirsity, Embrace Unity
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  1. LOL yes your right! only now on my second cup of coffee, thats my excuse!
  2. She is going through a lot of medical tests right now and it very worried. I ask for prayer for all of you, sending your healing light to her to easy her mind that all will be as it should.
  3. I've always found this book very interesting and could never understand why they dont teach more out of it. But then there is so much symbolism that can be interrupted many different ways.
  4. Welcome everyone, glad you are here, I look forward to hearing about your special ULC that you do in your part of the world!
  5. Anyone who has never experienced a life performance needs to put it on their bucket list. You really cant compare a movie or Music from a recording to being there live. I always think of hearing and Orchestra for the 1st time, you can feel the emotion of the music and better yet the emotion of each person playing their instrument. Their emotion comes through and out to the audience with the Music. You cant get that even with the best surround system. Feeling the emotions may be subject to be intuitive but I encourage all to see some stage performances and support your local theater, Sometimes you can see some stunning actors who are big names and just want to hone their skills!
  6. Beautiful topic! I say this as change in ones life can be beautiful if you allow it flow from within! I have evolved or changed different beliefs most of my life, Christian, Buddhist, Pentecostal, Metaphysical. Each time I embraced the change and had to reconcile within my self how the beliefs all messed or meshed together LOL. Change is not easy for most people and I am still trying to educate my spouse that being Metaphysical does not mean I'm a witch and gave up on Jesus. Just because I have a Sun Wand and lots of crystals I use, hey its just my path! All I have learned over the years have lifted me up to be the person I am today. I do regret some of what I have said in the past, but dont we all? The path I am on now some call New Thought, I call it Old Thought re born! I may change beliefs and labels but I am still me and if you know me, you know I evolve all the time. Same can be said of our jobs in the so called real work, from factor worker, to insurance agent, to customer service rep to claims processor to legal secretary to Officiant and now Author. Enjoy your journey and never be afraid to grow and change! Love and Light!
  7. Welcome and hope you enjoy! I look forward to hearing about what you do with your ordination!
  8. Greeting to all and welcome, been a while since I've been on, really busy but love it!
  9. Hi Guys, hope your ministries are up and running. Its not that hard to start really, especially on line. I have a ministry, a officiating business and a YouTube channel, beside the facebook pages. You just have to do it!
  10. I have used my life coach learning for my self but would not use it to replace psychology for anyone else. lf someone truly needs the skills of a psychologist I think the life coaching can be used along with psychology as a means of enhancing the psychology sessions, but instead of. What are you thoughts on the matter?
  11. Welcome Greg I was and Independent Insurance agent for 15 years! The ULC bookstore has some great books with Wedding ceremonies that cover all types of belief and non belief systems. I let the couple choose what parts they want and will use even a line from one and a line from another to Tayler it just for them. Occasionally I will write it my self if they are not finding anything they like. Best of Luck!
  12. Violence is never acceptable in the name of peace and any religion that justifies this is just a religion, man made not inspired by the Divine. Too man y times, like LObl says they turn the page to find a different quote. You can find any quote to justify your stance in your mind, but when your mind is one with the Universal God Mind, you know peace and you will radiate out peace. Too many belief systems in this world put war to be something to be proud of. Well sorry I am not buying it! War what is it good for? (I need more coffee, sorry LOL)