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Oh I suppose we're going to be labeled "liberal", "open minded", "free thinking", "accepting", "non-critical", "informative", "tolerant" and/or a bunch of other New Age :bad:! :this::dntknw:

Setting aside all joking (as in preceding sentence) and on a serious ♪...

Get those labels OUT of your heads! ...because you put the "U" in Universal. Your experiences throughout your tenure here on planet Earth put the "Life" in ULC and "Church" is any congregation of folks representing ideas or philosophies.

"Universal" means Understanding Nuance, Innuendo, Variances, Effectively Representing Spiritual Associations Limitlessly!

"Life" means Living Incredible, Fulfilling Experiences!

"Church" means Choosing Honored, Universal Concepts Herein!

That's an awful lot of definition and meaning behind ULC....don't ya think?!

Blessings of Peace,

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