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  1. Who was/is the recent person in the hot seat?
  2. So the sites I listed are affiliated with the monastery and not Modesto?
  3. Does anyone have any information about the following sites: http://www.ulc.orgAre they legit or what?
  4. I guess I'm going to give up on this email forwarding thing. I guess I'm not getting one since I got up and past 100 posts, then I resubmitted a request back on November 15th
  5. Just wanted to say hello. I just rejoined after being gone off here for awhile. Anyhow,,, Hey!lol Add me if you want. I haven't added anyone yet either. :)

  6. A while back my car got broken into... I pulled up to the house, went into the house and 5 to 10 minutes later I came back out to get something out of my car and found out that the CD player and a few CDs were stolen. by the way, this was during the day, mid afternoon.
  7. OK, well I didn't know if it would automatically do it or perhaps you just stopped doing it. No rush, it's not that important, just thought it would be cool to have one.