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  1. Hello ~ I retired from my bodywork business for 12 years. Wonderful work! Nice to meet you here. I joined the ULC in 2004 while I was a therapist. I added another dimension to the work.

    1. Satyam


      Nice to meet you Sister.  Hope You are still here!

      Hope to hear from You!


  2. Maybe it's being a girl or being sensitive or whatever, but I'm still doing the ministerial thing, but no more forums and making friends. For what. Not friendly.
  3. Decided to stop posting here. Really feel put off by being accused of analyzing everyone and everything when I was just trying to make interesting threads for people to engage with so the forum was active.
  4. Thought I'd visit you back and say hello. Thanks for the welcome. :)

  5. Aside from conducting wedding ceremonies, are there other services you conduct as a Minister? What's the various things that are possible with Ministry? I read somewhere that in some states Ministers still need a letter of Recommendation, so I know some of you provide that recommendation to other Ministers. But what else? What's the scope of potential activities a Minister can be involved in: both ceremonial and administrative?
  6. I sense discomfort in your opening statement and this final one. I'm not trying to put anyone in a box. I invited others to put themselves in a box if they so desire for simply the sake of us finding common grounds with each-other (if any) and for fun. I got that sentiment sadly, from Jonathan that is inferring I am attempting to label others when clearly I've only been attempting to label myself (and invited other to label me and invited others to label themselves if they so desire). Anyone who does not wish to participate in a thread I make, feel free to ignore it.
  7. What do you mean by I made it clear that my goal was not to be useful? I was saying what's useful to me may not be useful to you AND I do think it's useful. I'm also not sure what you mean by 'urge' to chart, graph and define 'everything'? I was not aware my urges were being analyzed. I'm sure I've not tried to chart, graph and define everything; neither in general and certainly not here.
  8. Okay thank you!
  9. An interesting theory about what human love is: This site is based on a really good book too. This theory also hypothesizes why some people are loved but don't feel loved.
  10. About some things yes, and other things no.
  11. I just don't think the means to accomplish these ends requires a gender definition tied to provisional, domestic or parental roles.
  12. We are irreconcilable, dear Jonathan (not really)
  13. Welcome back
  14. Jumping in with a comment. rocks. That is all.