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  1. Who was/is the recent person in the hot seat?
  2. So the sites I listed are affiliated with the monastery and not Modesto?
  3. Does anyone have any information about the following sites: http://www.ulc.orgAre they legit or what?
  4. I guess I'm going to give up on this email forwarding thing. I guess I'm not getting one since I got up and past 100 posts, then I resubmitted a request back on November 15th
  5. A while back my car got broken into... I pulled up to the house, went into the house and 5 to 10 minutes later I came back out to get something out of my car and found out that the CD player and a few CDs were stolen. by the way, this was during the day, mid afternoon.
  6. OK, well I didn't know if it would automatically do it or perhaps you just stopped doing it. No rush, it's not that important, just thought it would be cool to have one.
  7. Almost have 100 posts, I am determined to get this email forwarding, lol
  8. Why not self publish... you can design your own cover, design how you want the pages to look, you have no deadline. the only thing you will need is someone to proof read your book to make sure you have no misspellings and that everything make sense. That is what I do, I have already published two books.
  9. lmao, for all I know my book might be at garage sales
  10. I'm not giving up , im just saying if 10 people aren't really that interested in it then I wont publish it, I'll just keep it as PDF format for my own use.
  11. Well I wont be publishing it till I have at least 10 people that are real interested in purchasing the book.
  12. This is the ending of the Prologue 'We have come for you.' "I know," the man answered the voice as his body shivered uncontrollably. "Yer 'friends' delivered the message on time. Yer gonna kill me, aren't ye." 'We will give you one last chance. Submit to us, or die.' "There are fates worse than death ye know," the man replied as his sweaty hand slowly reached behind him for his axe, even though he knew it wouldn't save him. 'Your futile weapons will not stop us now. The time has come. We will not deal leniently with you any longer. It is time we put an end to your... interference. You know you were never much of an obstacle old man. The master plan will continue as we foresaw, and there is nothing you can ever do about it.' "One day ye will be stopped." 'Don't bet on it.' The old man raised his axe above his head as a roar echoed from the darkness which floated just outside his door. Then, there was a dark flash, and the man stumbled backwards as if some force had leaped upon him. He swung the axe around viciously as he screamed in agony and horror. Deep inside, a dark presence attacked the very center of his being, tearing at his everlasting soul. The man's body crashed down on the floor, and he continued crying out, and clawing at the air above him as if he was pushing an attacker away from him. Then, with a final cry, his body ceased its movements, and his head slumped back against the floor. His vacant eyes still held the look of horror they had held before he fell. The old man lay on his back, helpless against what was happening. In a few seconds, his eyes began to darken and fade. Soon he felt his spirit loosen its grip on his body. Less than a minute later all that was left of the old man was an empty corpse strewn viciously on the ground as if he had been brutally murdered. But the body had no wounds, or held any evidence of a logical reason for the man's death. It was finished.Now doesn’t that want to make you go out and purchase the book?
  13. ok, ok, I will post a preview of the book I am talking about... The closed eyelids of the old man quivered in his sleep as dark dreams plagued his mind. The man's eyes snapped open, and he sat up as the last of the dark pictures disappeared into the looming blackness of his bedroom. The man massaged his forehead as if he could force the dark dreams to leave his mind forever, but he knew that he couldn't. They had visited him many nights, tormenting him in his sleep. But this time was different. This time the images delivered a final ultimatum. The elderly man's eyes widened as he recalled what the voices had said to him in his sleep; a warning, a threat. Quickly the man turned on the lamp next to his bed, and began furiously writing on a piece of paper. He had to get out a word before the inevitable came. He would have to leave behind a warning of what was to come. The man's eyes strayed from the paper each time an owl hooted, each time a wolf howled, fear gripped his heart as he waited for what was to come. The man continued writing, writing what could be his last letter. He had to make it right. The old man finished, hurriedly scrawling his name at the bottom of the scrap of paper with his ballpoint pen. Then, immediately the lights in his house failed. The man leaped to his feet, and hurriedly placed the letter on his nightstand. A cold, mournful howl rose up from the farm somewhere, reaching a high note before warbling, and falling again. The old man had heard this howl on many occasions, but today it sounded much closer than ever before. The howl then rose again, this time closer. Fear gripped the old man's heart as he waited for what was to come. Quietly, he began to pray. Slowly, the door to his home creaked open right before him. Hadn't he locked it? Cold air flowed into the room from the darkness outside like the breath of some enormous monster. Sweat trickled down the man's neck as he watched in utter fear at what was beginning to happen. The barrier between him and all the darkness which existed outside had been breached.Remember this is only a preview, if this interests you then I will send you the last page of the Prologue.
  14. I have been on this forum for a while now and I have yet to post in this thread. The reason I was ordained as a minister by the ULC was because I wanted to do something different. I hoped I could change peoples lives and better myself. I attended other churches and did not enjoy or like how they did things. A few years after being ordained I got into The Secret, and the Law of Attraction and by doing that I looked at things differently. I had a different perspective of the things that goes on in life. In a way it is my hope that I can create something that will unite people no matter what religion or spiritual beliefs people have in their life. a place that doesn't restrict things to one belief, such as catholic or christian. What I am trying to say is that the reason I wished to be ordained was to better peoples lives to have everyone understand that we are all children of the same universe. Meaning, the universe is our lives, the lives we create for ourselves. I will choose not to ramble on anymore so I will leave it at this. I was ordained because I wanted to change how people think, to open their eyes to other possibilities.