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  1. That's hilarious! I love the channeling cat one too!!
  2. My first experience as a vendor was a SUCCESS! Yay! Thank you to my lovely wife, my awesome new customers and all the wonderful contacts I made today! You guys Rock!!!

  3. And the explanation is now out!! :>D My favorite is an Islay single malt whiskey. If you don't like Scotch, this would be the worst of all Scotches for you!
  4. Next Saturday, the 26th I will be attending the Holistic Festival here in Spokane as a vendor! Here's the link: http://holisticfestiv... I've got most of my signage figured out and my wares are mostly ready to go! I've even created a carrying/display case for my wands. (made it out of recycled 4X4's) My wife and I hammered out a merchandising plan and hopefully, we will be able to sell quite a few items! I need to make some money to put back into the business for...

  5. I have two places where epiphanies occur, laying in bed late at night when the brain won't shut down. And in the shower. My muse likes to converse with me in the shower also, I may have an earth sign but water wakens the creativity.
  6. I will not pray for them, nor perform rituals of any kind for them. To do so would be associating/connecting my spirit with theirs and I wish to maintain a very healthy distance from that type of hatred. They have made their choices and must live with them. If they wish to be reviled by the rest of the population for their beliefs, then they have that sad choice. I will continue to see them as an excellent example of how not to live my life.
  7. An excellent mission indeed! I personally don't support the death penalty. Our court system is a human system and fraught with mistakes. People have been tried and executed, then found innocent. Well, you can't bring someone back from the dead and apologize. "Sorry we killed the wrong person. On your way then!" Kudos to you and good luck in your task!!
  8. "Sustenance for the Mountain" An infinitesimal crystalline particle lays imprisoned in the ebon tomb of a stony outcrop wind jutting off the side of mother mountain. In its gritty dreams, a kernel of hunger, an unsatisfied yearning for freedom making a stone's dreams unsteady. A thirst for liberation and light drives away any thoughts of stability. Within a time scale of epochs, icy frost and ferocious winds rend, tear and shear with clawed fingers of entropy fracturing in a steady geological breakdown heartbeat. Shattered off with relentless seasonal assault the outcrop falls from the face and tumbles. Crumbling, chipping, skipping down the side of mother mountain, scraping away extraneous material to find the escapee particle exposed. Ages of deliverance, rumbling down stream beds awake with abrasion, good natures of rocky neighbors jostling, shaving down to the core of crystallized desire. Finally breaking free of the last basaltic bonds, a grain of quartz sand marches proudly alone to rest on the beach. It is joined by similar jail breakers, all laying together in smug defiance. Layered ever deeper and higher, a vast mass of escaped stony convicts grows great with a fellowship of freedom. The very gravity of their numbers pushing, squeezing, mashing down to embrace the upper mantle, squished together into one majestic stone. The upheavals of a molten core birth out the mass of a newest mother mountain. Jagged virgin poking at the skies, a crystalline particle lays imprisoned in an ebon tomb and it hungers... March 4, 2011. © LeRoy James McKitrick, All rights reserved
  9. "Extraterrestrial Prime Time" Gods of Science bold and defiant in the security of convoluted mechanisms thinking in nanosecond time scales and the cold, calculated Purity of the undisputed equation. Wallowing in quantum physics, laying smugly along string theories as quarks dance before clinical eyes. Sneering down their long intellectual noses at the heathen believers. Laughter late at night in laboratories ring from computer screen to sacred beakers, humor at the folly of religionists. Religion's devotees sure and right in interpretations of ancient scriptures handed down word to mouth then scribed amongst candle smoke, brimstone and tonsured pates. Pounded pulpits with spittle spraying to the congregational sheep, "Believe! and all shall be shaved... sorry, saved. Trust not these science blasphemers, for thy roots are not from monkeys and the Lord shall smite them for their learned arrogance!" Twin sides of a single coin, and neither see invisible visitors, starships parked just down the street. Rolling on the ground howling with laughter, alien eyes streaming alien tears at the shared earthbound ignorance and reviews they will receive back home from recording the 'supposed' cream of the crop Homo Sapiens. Hilarious! February 28, 2011. © LeRoy James McKitrick, All rights reserved
  10. "Image Consultant" Twenty seven years of perfection is what I see. Every today has been refreshed anew by the glorious vision of my Love's countenance. I don't see laugh lines, I see the record of all my dumb jokes, you laughed so hard, lost in amazed humor. Leaving me astounded, flabbergasted and pleased that you like my quirky sense of humor. I see not the gray hairs hiding peek a boo in the silken cascade. I see the frost of Winter's last days, soon melting away into dews of Spring, nourishing and sustaining the blossoms in our garden of mutual dedication. I see merely the frosting on the sweetest cake, delicate and subtle in luscious flavors for us to share! Every time I gaze upon your face, I see the twenty year young blossom that stole my breath away, stuttering, stammering; all cool smoothness blown away in the savage storm of your undying beauty. Each moment in your presence awakens that awkward boy, desperate to catch the gift of your attention. You don't need a mirror Love, just consult my smile and the hunger need desire in my eyes, for the ever fresh portrait of you in my heart. With your loving permission, I'll always be your image consultant. February 22, 2011. © LeRoy James McKitrick, All rights reserved
  11. "Twisted Road" Sweet rumble of meat/machine rolls into the night. A mechanical chuckle of joy v-twinned, rising falling as we mesh so smoothly through the gears; reveling in exclusive affiliation with the Wind. Right wrist twist of quarter throttle, Machine hunches down in the rear then rockets forward threatening to tear away my fearsome grips. Grinning delight to the Moon, I welcome the dark pavement, floating just below us. Following purposeful leans, our savage light cone of demon laughing leer headlamp slices the night showing a twisted path laid out in traffic paint. Hug that welcome line with both wheels, for that's the path to onward. February 23, 2011. © LeRoy James McKitrick, All rights reserved
  12. Impressive indeed, I love the imagery you've evoked here. Lovely use of alliteration also. An excellent vision of harvesting the cranberry bogs!
  13. ("What's this about a new way??") "Rammikin in an Alcohol Bath" Shout out for a grazing lout of spurious intent, four ruminating wise guys suppurating accents into atmospherical accidents Bang! Bang! Clash of Fashionistas hair pulling out of this Bad Deal, follicles plucked one by one huge handful of Starshine on you, on You! off me rocker arms pistoning madly at 7800 RPM, red line only a sliver sad sack of lettuce wilting forgotten behind last month's avocados, soft and ripe for Honeymoon's loving, savage deflowering. Agent Orange dropped mistakenly (got some bad intel, Tony...) into a sodden, soggy bowl of corn flakes, spoon settling nicely into morning's asphalt. A humpbacked Road leading past brunch hunched over that damned reset button stuck down in peanut butter cement, once again jelly belly deleted without the three fingered Salute! Twenty one guns? Oh yeah, water pistols filled with chocolate milk at fifty paces. LeRoy James McKitrick: February 20, 2011. © Author, All rights reserved
  14. The boys came through their surgeries splendidly! Now they are home recuperating and enjoying popsicles, icecream, jello and other liquid delights! The serious pain will come later, joy... Thanks everybody, I know it's helping!!