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  1. Waiting for someone to come around All dressed up ready for her night Ends up ignored and hidden from the sight Mascara running down her cheeks so fair As she's letting down her long brown hair Should she forget and then ascend to that far away distant summerland Or sit her and weep and wait for a true lover's hand? Two choices so hard to make, Sit alone with everything at stake Or be ready the poison to take? Nourish the soul, this poem will not do I know not the path she shall take do you? I hope it's death for her sake Because life without love is unbearable to take.
  2. Whenever I get in a exhausted/enraged mood I have to bust out some music. This a piece I always have to listen to....aren't these guys amazing?
  3. The flu vaccine changes every year because the strains that go around change. You might've been protected only for two because the strains from the one vaccine remained generally the same and you weren't exposed to the different strain until later. I think flu shots are a waste but in the healthcare field it's better to protect your patients then to risk giving the something that their immune system may not be able to handle at the time.....
  4. When I told my grandmother she asked why I would want to turn into a cat....ummmm...WTH? When my dad finally accepted that my being Pagan wasn't a phase I was told I worship satan. My family and some devout Christian friends feel the need to constantly send emails about God and Christ though they know my position on things. I can feel the frustration of your wife wholeheartedly....
  5. Tried to make one into a "bad spot" joke and the others are actually because I have a few curse words on me...inappropriate for the forum... Have you had any problems with your religion?
  6. I get harassed by my family about it. Out in public, people just inch away from me or give me dirty looks...nothing major. I kinda get a kick out of it when I see the looks on their faces when they read my bumper stickers or see my religious tattoos.... I really see no need to tell people about my faith unless they specifically ask otherwise I let it be. I think I've been messed with more when people mistake my faith then when I tell them. My husband and I have had a few times where we were out with our kids and people whispering that we must be mormon and when they do that we just start shouting "Outta the way, Roman Catholics coming through".
  7. I think this is cool but I wonder if half of these kids that play these instruments are taught with some type of Suzuki method...that they are playing but they don't really "know" how to play. Props to her if that isn't the case....
  8. Don't let it bother ya, man. I know I sounded harsh but that wasn't my intent and I know that others here won't be so quick to jump your ** like some of us because there's no way of ever knowing all of the circumstances.....
  9. I think it's more broad than that. He shows a great fact but I see it as the world has the habit of noticing behaviors of one and classifying it into a group of people. It's not right but that's the way it goes....
  10. I know the time factor sucks but you gotta think of it like networking for a corporate job, it's long and tedious but worth it in the end....Good Luck dude!
  11. 2 or 3. I remember being at one of the first houses we moved to when we left my birthcity. I remember my mother just leaning in as close as she could get and screaming in my face. Then I remember being at my aunt's wedding at 3.
  12. No because 5 kids, a dog, 2 dragons, a mouse, a hedgehog, and a husband is just too darn long to list especially when names and ages are asked.
  13. There are probably some inmate advocacy groups out in your area already. Look them up and see what they have in place and if you could get them to help you organize a list for recently released inmates. You can't do it on your own especially if you are unsure of where to start and what the legal confines are. This is the part of the conviction I am unsure of. Do you think you could copy, paste, and PM me the details you sent Robin? I tried looking up the transcripts of the case but of course you have to pay...oy....