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  1. So good to see you here too, G! Hope you're loving life out there on the left coast!
  2. In response to the original post... I identify myself as a Karmic Creationist. As far as I know, I am the only traveler on this particular path to Understanding. Few are aware of my religion or it's tenets, so I get few questions. While I have no desire to proselytize, I welcome earnest inquiries from individuals honestly seeking knowledge and enlightenment.
  3. I just saw this... My thoughts and prayers for his family and all that grieve Brother Al's passing. I'll miss him too.
  4. In a dry basin, Hidden in a cloud of dust, A dirty bird bathes. .
  5. Doing well, thanks. I'm traveling the country hoping to land an inside job that will last through the winter. How about you?
  6. God has been "defined" in this forum many times. And you've repeatedly claimed the definition was lacking. Just because you don't accept the definition, doesn't mean that the object in question doesn't exist. It just means that God has not granted the proper words to one, or complete understanding to the other.
  7. There's risk in everything.... I don't proclaim my ordination in public, but have told my friends.... I don't wear a distinctive costume or collar that would lead others to believe I am anything other than the sinner that I am... The future.... Who knows?
  8. I was going to order a "Starter Pack" (with the certificate, wallet card, and a couple other items) from the Modesto head-quarters, but when I clicked on the item I was informed that the item I desired was "not in stock in the quantity indicated". I only wanted one......
  9. It's not just the Roman Catholic Church... not even other Protestant churches recognize baptisms from other Protestant churches. I've been baptized 3 times (as an infant, as a teenager, and as a young adult) in three different denominations. There's a story I heard long ago.... There was a man that had the reputation of being a notorious drunk and degenerate. Early one Monday morning, a preacher of a Baptist church saw the man walking down the street singing hymns. Noticing that he was clean shaven and sober, he inquired as to what had made such a great change in his life. He answered, "Last night as I was walking down Main Street, I heard the most beautiful singing I had ever heard in my life coming out of a church. I felt drawn to go in, and after listening to the preacher speak, I accepted the Lord as my Savior, was baptized, and all my sins were washed away!" "There are three churches on Main Street." said the preacher. "Which one did you attend?" "I'm not real sure," said the new convert. "It's not a real big church," he said, "but it's doors are always open, and when I went in, I felt welcomed. After listening to the singing and preaching, I confessed my sins, was baptized, and all my sins were washed away!" "Well," said the preacher, "I know I didn't see you at my church last night. So that means you went to either the Methodist church or the Presbyterian church. And though I'm glad to see the change in your life, I'm sorry to say your sins haven't been washed away." "Yes they were!" exclaimed the man. "I confessed my sins. I accepted Jesus as my Savior. I was baptized. And all my sins were washed away!" "I'm sorry," said the Baptist preacher. "You may have confessed your sins and accepted Jesus as your Savior, but your sins weren't washed away.... They were dry-cleaned."
  10. I've perused what you have contributed to this site, and based on the content of your posts, if there is any truth to the comment quoted here... in your case, He succeeded.
  11. Very interesting.... I am a "Karmic Christian", and am in full agreement with the concept of a universal energy force. I have assigned that force a name also... I call it GOD. Being an all-pervasive force, all physical and spiritual emanations share a mutual connection with The Creator. I also agree that the bond between an individual and this Creator can be strengthened through the practice of meditation and prayer. There is one attribute of your particular faith in which I have a differing opinion... I do not recognize, or assign, particular forces of nature as gods. (As all things and beings originate from the same Source, none may be either superior or inferior to any other, but are all equal parts of the Whole.)
  12. I'm not familiar with the term "sealed". Could you mean "saved"? As for whether one can lose their salvation... According to the teachings of 2 of the 3 denominations of Christian churches I have been affiliated with.... Once one has accepted Jesus as their personal savior, confessed their sins, and been baptized, it's a done deal. Personally, my belief is that EVERY soul has a place reserved for them within the embrace of our Creator (whether they recognize His existence or not) and despite the commission of even the most heinous of offenses against Man or God....
  13. Thanks for the leads... I'm not fundamentalist, but I am a Christian, and I appreciate the opportunity to expand my knowledge. Thanks! ( And West Virginia is "almost Heaven")
  14. Ethnicity? No. Heritage? Hmmmm... Maybe..... it no doubt had a great influence on me as a child, and I accepted the validity of the religious tenets I was taught... As an young adult, I discounted and discarded those beliefs, and assumed the attitude that what I had learned as a child was a lie perpetuated by others to control my behavior. I subsequently studied the religious beliefs of others and adopted and practiced some of the rites and beliefs of several different religions in succession. Now, however... Having been blessed with an epiphany where I was granted an intimate awareness and understanding of the nature of my Creator (and He is the God I was introduced to as a child), I don't know..... It may be that the education I received as a youth may have had an influence on how I perceived His presence, but it was my personal experience that eliminated any question (in my mind) of God's existence and determined the personal beliefs to which I now adhere.
  15. Maybe... It would depend on the situation. Most of the choices one has to make are easy. In the near future, I could be forced into a situation where I may have to choose between two evils- vote for Drumpf, or vote for Clinton.... To prevent that from happening, I intend to take action... and cast my vote for Sanders.
  16. If an action is morally questionable, inaction is preferable....
  17. In my opinion, it's easier to know if an action is "wrong" than it is to know what is "right"... If I do no wrong, then I'm doing right.
  18. HAHAHAHAAAAAAA! Walking up to a pride of lions while they're feeding is putting yourself on the dessert menu....
  19. If my comment was directed to you personally, I would have quoted, or mentioned, you in my post. It was a statement made to the forum as a whole.... Methinks you think too much of yourself.... Want to talk about rude???? How many have your posts have contained recurring inferences that those that profess a faith in GOD (or anything besides science) are intellectually inferior. If you don't like what I have to say, there's an ignore function available for your use. Use it.
  20. Whether one calls themselves atheist, agnostic, gnostic, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, Hedonist, etc.... makes no difference to me. There was a time when I claimed to be an atheist and said that there was no GOD. I know now that the claim was a defense mechanism I employed because I did not want there to be a GOD. Disbelief in the existence of GOD in no way negates HIS existence. You want proof????? I am under no obligation to prove HIS existence to anyone. (If you see the sky as green, you will never believe me when I say it is blue... ) I'm not here to bring sight to the blind..... especially to those that prefer to wander in darkness...
  21. Welcome, Charlie. I wish you well in your chosen path and hope that God blesses you and your ministry. PS- Could you maybe place some punctuation in your posts? They'd be easier to read. Thanks.
  22. Brother H, In my years here on this forum, having read your responses on several varied subjects, I have come to admire and respect you for your calmness and understanding in responding to the positions of others (even if the comments of others are abrasive and/or disrespectful). The knowledge which you have shared here has helped me personally, and I would especially like to express appreciation for the timely delivery of this particular message. God bless.
  23. They've been getting it wrong? REALLY? Who made YOU the arbiter of right and wrong in a book in which you have little or no regard?