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  1. Are you asking how I would react if present at the attack? Or whether my core beliefs would change if confronted by that situation? Since I've never been placed in those circumstances, I can only speculate.... If placed at the scene, I honestly don't know how I would react... I don't know that I'd be capable of confronting the attacker... and though I like to think I'd at least be brave enough to sacrifice my life to save the life of another, I cannot claim with certainty that I'd act honorably... As for whether witnessing a mass killing would alter my beliefs and make my killing of a killer acceptable... The Law of Karma (as well as the Law of Moses) demands retribution for injury (an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, a life for a life). I believe that if I took the life of that individual, it would bind our souls together forever (or until the karmic debt could be satisfied). Since he would be dead, retribution in this life would be impossible, so once this life was over, we would both have to return to this sphere to work it out and sever the bond... (I loathe the thought of having to endure an even longer separation from my Creator.) The followers of Christ are aware of the penalties imposed by the Law of Karma, and He taught His disciples how to free themselves from Karmic debt by applying the Law of Forgiveness. (The Law of Forgiveness annuls the Law of Karma.) If we are faithful in following and practicing His teachings, we are not only able to refrain from incurring karmic debt through our own actions, but able to break the Karmic bonds created by others.
  2. My beliefs don't condone killing... of one's self, or another... legal, or illegal... and doesn't consider ANY killing to be "justified".
  3. I just saw this too... I missed the day of remembrance, but wish to pass on the only verse I remember from my reading of the Gita- "Peace. Peace. Peace."
  4. I AM WHAT I AM... Nothing more, nothing less... I am complete, at peace, and awaiting the call to rejoin my Creator.
  5. I just saw this... Prayers for Francene and her family. God bless!
  6. I've been reading/studying it "off and on" for many years. I find the information contained in the course to be factual and in-line with that which was revealed to me during my own spiritual experience (where I was granted an ALL-ENCOMPASSING AWARENESS of the TRUTH). Miracles are the result of an act of Pure Faith and are possible if one TRUELY BELIEVES that it's possible! The recipient need not believe, or even be aware of another's action, to be the beneficiary of the act of Faith, but must be willing to profit from the act. (You can't save the life of a man intent on killing himself.) Besides having often participated in numerous Prayer Groups and Mediations (once, we prayed for Divine intercession for a critically injured patient that made a miraculous recovery), I have personally witnessed two life-saving miracles. The first time- In May of 1990, a friend of mine (who had been constantly sick for several months) went to the doctor. After several series of tests, the doctor told her that the test results confirmed that she was HIV+, had an elevated T-cell count, and would soon have full-blown AIDS. Knowing that there was no cure for the disease, she was scared to death. When she asked me to pray for her, I asked her if she believed in GOD. She said, "No, but I know you do." I told her to lay on her back on the floor, and with my hands hovering inches above her, I prayed for GOD to remove the virus from her body. (She told me later that she could "feel" the heat from my hands.) A week later, she called to tell me that she had applied and been accepted at a hospice for AIDS patients. However, before they would admit her, she'd have to be re-tested by their team of doctors. Having already been tested twice before (with the diagnosis confirmed twice), she was disappointed in the delay, but submitted to yet another series of tests. After another couple of days she was standing at my door with tears in her eyes, and the biggest smile I'd ever seen. She told me that the latest tests had come back, and she was "clean". Her T-cell count was normal, and she hadn't been sick since the day I prayed over her. The doctors blamed their misdiagnosis on faulty testing. She credited me with her "cure". I credit GOD. The second time- In June of 1999, I was working on a construction site just outside of Washington, DC. The building was to house an internet server and there was a "rush" to complete the job before schedule. Men of every trade were being pushed to work faster and for longer hours than would be normally acceptable. It was an "accident" waiting to happen... And it did... One of the men employed to erect an exterior wall was walking on an in-completed catwalk and failed to notice that the grating wasn't set properly. He fell 14', head-first, and landed on the concrete floor beneath. (It happened directly behind me, and I can still hear the sound of his head splitting when he hit.) Having been trained in emergency response, I ran to the phone to call 911. When I returned to the scene, a crowd had gathered, staring at him. He was lying still on the floor, his arms and legs bent in un-natural positions. I asked one of the guys in the group if anyone had checked for vitals. "He's dead," he said. I asked, "Are you sure?" "He's not breathing, and his brains are all over the floor. He's dead." "Did you check for a pulse?" "You check... I'm not touching him." I bent down and looked closely. He wasn't conscious. He wasn't breathing. I picked up his wrist. No pulse. I let his arm drop. I prayed. "GOD, please don't let him die." I decided to check for a pulse at the jugular. I touched his neck... INSTANTLY, he let out a scream and started trying to get up. Then the ambulance arrived, and I went outside and puked my guts out. The man lived... Of course, "Miracles" performed here in the physical sphere are subject to personal interpretation... What I consider to be a "miracle" might be considered by another to be pure coincidence. The miracles I witnessed and participated in were not MY doing... They were GOD's work.
  7. Nor the next!! Barren emptiness may be some folk's idea of Paradise, but I'll pass, thank you!
  8. In my opinion, telling the living the secrets of the dead benefits no one. But then again, I'm not a lawyer, or anybody's spiritual advisor, so I can't answer as to whether you would be legally or spiritually bound to your promise. To me, it would depend upon what was said... I've taken vows to keep the secrets of a Brother Mason if they were communicated to me as such, but even with those vows I am allowed to make moral exceptions... If he told me he committed murder, or treason... I would not wait until he was dead. I'd give him up while he was still alive... If he told me that he cheated on his wife, or his taxes... I keep quiet.
  9. The Shoe Bomber and the Underwear Bomber weren't martyrs... You have to die for the "cause" to be a martyr. If you don't die in the effort, if you're remembered at all, it's as a failure.
  10. Your comparison of God with Santa was equally insulting.
  11. That's a question that must be answered by each individually... I must admit I personally find some to be of no use at all.
  12. Wouldn't that be an atheist's claim? After all, what use is a soul if there is no God?
  13. Your perception is flawed.... I believe you said you don't think Man possesses a soul... Without one, you wouldn't recognize God.
  14. I did say "MY" experience, right? As for your assertion that God is an illusion.... I'll leave you to your delusion.
  15. Then in whom or what do you hold your soul accountable?
  16. I don't hold God liable for the acts of Man. As for the body count... Have you counted how many people have been killed for non-religious reasons? For greed? For lust?
  17. Congrats on your daughter's nuptials, my friend! I'm certain that it went perfectly, and I wish them success on their journey!
  18. I'm a firm believer in the Law of Karma, and Karma requires a reckoning.... Like for like, kind for kind... and only the Law of Forgiveness can forestall the Law of Karma. I believe that a plea for forgiveness from an individual injured by an action is requisite for the soul's continued progress on it's path to reunion with God. Whether an individual needs forgiving from God or not is between that individual and God... I also believe that it's an awareness of God that makes Man aware of his own faults. (It's been my experience to observe the odd coincidence that, all too often, those that deny His existence, tend to think they have no faults.)
  19. Welcome to the forum! I play an Ovation acoustic/electric, but given my style of music (folk, soft rock) I don't use any pedals.
  20. You must have a stricter standard than others.... I consider my existence to be a miracle.
  21. Very well written, informative piece... (Among other things, I learned that I need to work on my vocabulary! Had to look up a couple of those $20 words!) The inclusion of the source material was appreciated, but I did not see the author credited. Is it your work, Cool?
  22. ' Excellent! I'm going to use this....
  23. Hmmm.... it was supposed to take you to the Open Pulpit. (Egypt, Edgar Cayce....).