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  1. Here are some quotes on free will.... "Every morning three million "free wills" flowed toward the center of the New York megapolis; every evening they flowed out again -- all by "free will," and on a smooth and predictable curve." - "The Year of the Jackpot" - Heinlein "It is not free will but "it is the Lord Who sets the captives free" (Ps. 145:7) - St John Cassian "Therefore we see at once that there cannot be any such thing as free-will; the very words are a contradiction, because will is what we know, and everything that we know is within our universe, and everyth
  2. Hi Pete, I found this christian-mystical quote for you. "Each one of you now, according to the Law of Cause and Effect, is in the place the Total Wisdom has placed you. You are not there by chance. You are obeying the Divine Plan placed in the circumstances, family, community and nation necessary to learn your next lessons. In general, what are these lessons? To be patient -To be tolerant - To love. To love even those who stand against you. Let me put it a different way; to be a good Christian, or a good Buddhist, or a good Muslim. It's all the same." - www.researchersoftruth
  3. This makes it apparent why the law is necessary. Only through trials and tribulations, experienced through the law, can one, under their own free will, eventually decide to return back to God the Father. The Parable There was once a man who had two sons; and the younger said to his father, 'Father, give me my share of the property.' So he divided his estate between them. A few days later the younger son turned the whole of his share into cash and left home for a distant country, where he squandered it in reckless living. He had spent it all, when a severe famine fell upon
  4. Good post Dan. Looking at my own children, I see how sometimes they can spoil it for themselves and spoil it for others too (without knowing the gravity of what they have done.) Adults take it to a whole new level. Unfortunately, under the law, every debt, no matter how small, has to be paid for one way or another - right down to the last cent.
  5. I just thought I'd start this thread and post this question on behalf of other posters on this forum. Here are over 2 million google links on the subject in case you want to look them up.... https://www.google.com.au/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=why does god allow children to suffer and die Regards, OG.
  6. Thanks for your replies. I am actually more interested in what you people believe :-) Just under this youtube video (www.youtube.com/watch?v=mz1bF3TXB1Y) there are more than 10,000 posts about this topic. People are roughly divided 50/50. Some say that once you accept Jesus as your savior, then you go to heaven regardless of any future actions (good or bad) while the others say that you can backslide and lose the free gift of salvation offered by God.
  7. Once eternal life is granted to a believer, can they lose their salvation ? I'm talking about when a person receives the holy spirit and is sealed.