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  1. By way of an update, I just wanted to say that I have begun to work closely with two other Welsh deities. I am a polytheist, and there are many deities with whom I have worked. I remain amicable with Lludd and Rhiannon but have now taken Mabon and Modron as my primary deities. Mabon represents the God as the Divine Youth archetype and is a Celtic Apollo. Modron represents the Goddess as the Great Mother archetype, and I consider her a Celtic Demeter (among other roles). My changing is not mere capriciousness; I have my own reasons that I feel are significant Bendithion, Myrddin
  2. Hello Jared, I am glad that you do not. I did not mean to imply that all did; that is why I had edited my comment to some. I have been practicing Wicca for about 29 years. I have run across some Wiccans who call themselves Priest and Priestess but do not understand what it is they are teaching. Those types seem to be all about power trips and pecking order. When I teach others I do not keep them in the dark, and I and explain the meaning behind what they were doing. For example, I would explain the significance of the S and $ on the pentacle and how they relate to other portions of Wiccan
  3. I wished to edit the last line in my above post, but too much time had passed. I am certain that there may be some Wiccans out there who claim to have important secret knowledge or hidden keys as a way of maintaining control over neophytes. It reminds of Aleister Crowley, referring to his tenure the Golden Dawn, remarking that he had to swear oaths not to reveal the Hebrew alphabet as if it were some powerful secret (although it was on public display at the British Museum and readily available to anyone who cared to look for it) Bendithion, Myrddin
  4. There will be variations to different copies of the Book of Shadows because covens and individuals are supposed to add to it (and some detract from it, or change portions of it), But when Doreen Valiente authenticates the contents and states this is what the Gardnerian Book of Shadows was like at the time she was Gardner's High Priestess I tend to believe her. Many portions of the Book were actually written by her, such as the Charge of the Goddess.The whole point of the Farrars and Valiente presenting the Gardnerian Book of Shadows in print was because there were so many erroneous versions be
  5. Happy Halloween Everybody! I'm a Welsh Witch celebrating the night as Nos Galan Gaeaf, but best wishes to everyone at this time whether you celebrate it as Samhain, Winter Nights, El Dia de Los Muertos, Christian All Hallows, or anything else Bendithion, Myrddin
  6. Hello Archbishop Mike, I would certainly recommend both books you mentioned. They were both instrumental in my first becoming a Witch (back in the late 1980's). Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft is accessible for those just starting out but goes much further than most more recent introductory or "how to" books. A Witches' Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar is a classic. It deals with some more complex aspects of Wicca. It is also important because it contains the Gardnerian Book of Shadows with commentary by Doreen Valiente who was Gerald Gardner's High Priestess and wrote important p
  7. Hello Shatta One, I congratulate you on your good fortune. I am happy you received the help you needed. Whether you received it from Satan, God, Cthulhu, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, if it works for you then I am pleased for you. I would be interested to hear more about your beliefs. I am a Wiccan so Satan is really not part of my belief system, but I still like to hear how others view things Bendithion (blessings), Myrddin
  8. I also wished to add that (in addition to being archetypes and the the embodiment of natural forces) I also believe that the gods are ancestors who are further along the path. Being further along the path, they may have a better vantage point. That is why they can serve as intermediaries between us and Arglwydd. In some ways, they are closer to the source than we are (currently). I do not mean to be confusing. I have a complex view of divinity with many layers of interpretation. It may seem as if I am contradicting myself at times but this is usually due to overlapping concepts being woven int
  9. I use the term "god" to refer to a spiritual entity (or Collective Unconscious archtype, thoughtform, egregore, or whatever other labels particular belief systems would employ) who functions as a guide rather than a commanding authority figure. My gods are not sitting enthroned on a summit threatening me with thunderbolts for displeasing them. I also possess an innate divinty myself (as do others). However I would disagree that all things are equal parts of the whole. I believe there are spiritual hierarchies, eg., the divine energy of a saint or bodhisattva contrasted with the divine energy o
  10. Because "Fred" or "Bob" doesn't seem as awe inspiring Why do we name cars and cell phones? It is just a convenient label. I was a psych. major in college, and I understand your reference. But I don't generally interact with my male deity as a patriarchal archetype. I usually interact with him as a brother/lover/friend archetype Bendithion (blessings), Myrddin
  11. "I am not a Christian anymore, but this was on ongoing argument between my Baptist grandmother and my Pentecostal great aunt (which had been going on since before I was born). My grandmother believed once saved, always saved. My great aunt believed someone could backslide and lose his salvation. I asked my grandmother one time what if someone had been saved but years later committed cold-blooded murder. My grandmother's answer was that if someone was truly saved to begin with, then he would not murder someone in the future. So I guess, according to her, that someone didn't lose his salvation b
  12. Hello Key, I was using the terms king and pope as metaphors in an attempt to convey that there is no central authority for the Wiccan religion who is recognised by all of Its adherents. There are certainly leaders among various Wiccan groups or factions. And of course people may call themselves whatever they wish. But just because I dub myself Emperor of the Witches and buy a nifty box of business cards doesn't make it so BTW, I do realize that the Pope no longer speaks for all Christians and monarchs no longer have absolute authority over their subjects. As stated, I was speaking me
  13. Hello Gnostic Bishop, Faith is the major component, but I have had some personal experiences. No fire from the sky or earthquakes, just some things that have personal meaning. (Finding an extra quarter in my pocket so that I have enough change to buy a Coke ) I communicate with my deities through meditation, dreams, and divinatory methods such as the Tarot. The deity I refer to as Arglwydd (Lord) is not a personal god, but a force or energy. The deities with whom I interact on a personal level are guides and mentors not autocrats. They are assisting me in my spiritual path, not attempting
  14. Today is the astronomical first day of autumn (autumn equinox) and the Wiccan Sabbat of Mabon. Here's wishing everyone a wonderful day. This is my favorite time of year, from Mabon to Calan Gaeaf/Samhaim (Halloween) Bendithion, Myrddin