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  1. I wanted to make a few folks here, who might be interested, aware of a book I picked up at Ollie's ( a discount store )... I just dug it out to study it... This is a remarkable book not only for it's size - it's 17"X24" - but also for the spiritual nature of the subject. It' is a book of Paintings which cover the Buddhist and Hindu dieties and bodhisattvas. Many of the paintings are Mandalas. The paintings are rendered full page, which makes for an impressive spectacle... the cover and a few examples from within.. Dakini Mandala The Cosmos of Healing two side by side the entire book is fil
  2. however on an advanced level, when one has mastered non-attachment, they may indeed search for the source of these thoughts. It is an important step to realize EXACTLY where these surface thoughts originate, and why... I am more inclined to take my instruction from Hatha Yoga sources... Traditional Yoga and meditation of the Himalayan Masters
  3. new record on my thermometer - 105.9 .... I'm supposed to be dead now, aren't I?

    1. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      getting better... I got a digital because i didn't believe the glass one....

    2. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      actually 106 is the brink of "dead", but have read about as high as 108 with no permanent dain bramage!

      GET WELL!

    3. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      whew. good thing I started dain bramaged...

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  4. I believe that we hold every bit of creating which could, and possibly does affect others, against ourselves... no one is judging us, but we are our own harshest critic, and the record of creation holds every instance where our thoughtlessness has impinged upon another's free will. We all intend to clear that record to the best of our ability... The idea here is that we will come to recognize the affects of our creating and begin to take conscious control... once it is attained - time for a new class....
  5. you will never know the admonitions I have received for impatience....
  6. One thing I am sure of... There are many ways to translate the experiences of our spiritual nature. Never have I had a spiritual experience that had one aspect - there have always been multiple meanings which take me quite a while to understand... and I have never had someone effectively understand my dreams... they may get portions right ( maybe even enough to convince me they are on to something ) but there are always aspects which are not understandable by others... And also - I have never met two individuals which have the same experiences... Focusing on another's Truth ( especially when w
  7. Hello Yanesh, Thanks for adding me to your friends list... I've been enjoying your posts and I look forward to more!!

  8. ok.... I'm gonna get a little deep here..... This is from an experience which I have not thoroughly processed yet, but I share it because it fits the question... ever since I learned of Karma, and the truth about reincarnation, I had this picture in my head. I pictured a long line of lifetimes stretching back to a time which is so far back as to be seemingly infinite... all the lifetimes I have been able to witness seemed to happen one after another.... in an unbroken line.... until this one time, when searching my subconscious for the root of an issue which has been a thorn in my side.... som
  9. parallel PHYSICAL universes? wouldn't mean much to me... I live in this one... and any portion of me that is there, is doing the same thing I am here - looking upwards...
  10. There is a very simple reason I am willing to discuss these subjects... when I looked for validation for the things which occurred to me, I was unable to find much out there that didn't have " crazy " written all over it... I looked for words which related something similar to what I was going through and was at a loss.... I KNOW I am not the only one out there who needs a little bit of support... there are others out there, right now, who are looking for the words I share... I pray they find them, so that they may continue their journey on a little more even keel... and with a little more tru
  11. This one is very easy for me. Consciousness has ALWAYS been. the physical is but a tiny portion of reality... what you are referring to is the Akashic Record - the recording of every moment of every soul, since the creation of individuals. It appears to me as an effect, and is not the Source... The Source, or Creator, has it's own consciousness, and our goal is reunion with that consciousness. I DO wonder if there is a consciousness within the Record itself though, at times... but I have no experiences which would infer that - just a feeling I get ( and could very well be a misunderstanding..
  12. I feel I have experienced the Intelligent consciousness of Creation. I will not say I understood what it was I was experiencing fully, but in my mind - there's no question - nothing else would exist if That Consciousness had not desired it's presence... This is a question that I believe is the first one answered when one has an experience of Altered Realities... The very first time I " slipped " unconsciously from my body, I was engulfed in a consciousness which was so huge, as to be all encompassing... I was cradled and comforted, and assured I was not dreaming... I do not experience that Con
  13. If you have ever been unjustly accused, there is always a grain of doubt ( as to a person's intentions )...... He has my prayers..
  15. uh, happy Birthday?..... an Angel to sing for Jesus.... 1:45 - 4:00 is her performance...
  16. agreed..... has me all discombobulated .... this Holiday season feels " different " somehow - but that could just be my perception... the energies I experience are as strong as usual - but folks reactions to it are not... people seem reserved to my eyes... and they are keeping their energies tightly about them.... It is shaping up to be an unusual Holiday season...
  17. I cant wait, this is serendipitous.... I've been reading the Mahabharata...
  18. lol...sorry, I didn't realize that piece of what i WAS going to say wasn't erased... it was longwinded, and detracted from enjoying what you posted..
  19. - I think I need a tissue.... and a maybe a Awesome.... and somehow familiar... The Frost Children?
  20. I see levels of meaning in your words Qryos, Yet it feels as if there is something left unsaid. I like that, and I think your effort is greater for that trait... Well done ... the break in meter in at the end of the second stanza was an honest choice, we were warned of it's presence in the first, but it still made me stop and begin again... I feel that which you project - and that speaks of success in your intention... again, well done...
  21. People tell me I look like that guy who was always getting into trouble years ago, the one with the really long hair who was soooo tall........ I don't tell them I cut my hair...
  22. thank you for posting this SalemWitchChild... I go out to counsel so many people who have pets that are obviously in need of a great amount of nurturing... sometimes it hurts so bad to see the condition of their animals, that it is very hard to maintain my usual level of sympathy... to see what some folks do to the animals who Love and Respect them so greatly, causes a rage in me that I have struggled to leave behind... How terrible would their life seem were they chained, with three feet of chain, to the bumper of a car throughout the rain, and snow, and blazing heat.... with kibble thrown i