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  1. Definitely could. But isn't there a presumption that 'choice' has to centre around emotion or consciousness? Mathematically a choice is taken when something happens, it doesn't require consciousness to direct it, just the range of possibilities and biases it will be influenced by. In the case of coming into being, mathematically it had an even chance of becoming or not becoming;, some chose to become whilst the rest chose not to become. Could 'God' therefore be the mathematical probabilities behind the events which have taken place since choice was made to begin?
  2. Really interesting thread here, and I hope you don't mind me back tracking in a way to some of the comments made earlier. I can see what is meant by there is nothing before the beginning, but for the beginning to begin there had to be something, so effectively there is a high probability there was Everything before the beginning chose to begin. What intrigues me is why did the Everything that was nothing chose to become something? And does that choice to create, indicate a consciousness? If we postulate further, the 'Everything that chose to become something'; by so doing did it create a refe
  3. FACT - a belief which we find evidence to support. Does that make it right?

    1. reverend irma

      reverend irma

      Hi Yanesh.

      I think right and wrong is subjective to the individual. It has been my experience that our problems don't arise out of our facts, but rather, how we use or misuse them.

  4. Hello Yanesh, Thanks for adding me to your friends list... I've been enjoying your posts and I look forward to more!!

  5. I want..... such a common cry of the young at this time of year.

  6. As one of the baby boomers of the fifties, I have enjoyed the world and everything it has to offer. I have seen and learned, but most importantly 'grown my wisdom in my coat'. I have worked with children all my life and watched puberty many times. Growing is hard work, but the rewards far outweigh any struggle. Failures are nothing but feedback for our final success and understanding.

  7. His lesson is a lonely one, and I will send my prayers to him, so that whatever the outcome and whatever the truth, he takes time to reflect and learn from the whole proceeding such that he is enriched in mind, and it will be a turning point for him to lead a life of greater good. For the others placed in danger, I send my prayers for they experienced some things done against them which were also life changing and threatening. May they too, find learnings from their experiences to the greater good. For those who saw and heard, I send prayers, for they will have been changed by the experience
  8. If God stepped down on earth and spoke to us an an ordinary man? Would we not hang him all over again (literally or metaphorically)? As we grow in our understanding and knowledge we realise there is more to God than the three dimensions we so arrogantly hold onto as a species, because it is the only thing we know; for most of our time here on Earth, we are but souls on a journey, learning and expanding into the dark matter which we do not usually interpret, but it is there, placed by God. And as we expand and take our learnings (or not, as we chose), that which is hidden from us in plain sigh
  9. what is it about 'home' which drives people to battle so hard to get to it?