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  1. You shall have my prayers. You may want to investigate this:
  2. People will chuckle and make disparaging comments - but you are experiencing something that others have as well... I am smiling about the way your family dealt with the death of a loved one. Continuing to acknowledge, and send positive prayers and thoughts to those who pass over, is a gift you give them. They ARE still aware of us, and when we shut our minds to them - there is nothing they can do. But when we keep our minds open to them - they can bring us an assurance that life goes on... in a PERSONAL way, which fosters a surety within us.... It is the negative, painful thoughts which slow d
  3. edit: that's why it's called FALLING asleep.... The Barbara Brennan school has good teachings.... ( The Hands of Light book ) More than your average .....
  4. It happens most frequently quite unconsciously.. ( the meddling ).. it is the very rare individual who has the abilities emerging, who would CHOOSE to meddle. But you are realizing that thoughts, feelings, emotions and such, are not contained within the body. They are broadcast for you to pick up..... think about that.... also think about this : You are describing what I consider to be natural abilities, emerging into your conscious awareness. You are becoming more sensitive, and your projections are getting "stronger" in other spheres as well. Without the conscious awareness which ACTUAL me
  5. I'm with Jonathan... watch closely for things that relate to your new senses..... exactly WHAT are you picking up and WHY? - it can be very tricky figuring that out, but well worth the insight, it will clue you in to what else to watch for.... edit: I am actually surprised that you did not relate seeing specific numbers on clocks..... like 11:11, or all 2's, or all 5's - numbers are like signposts - our minds latch on to them when things are happening in our life we need to pay attention to...... and as far as what Jonathan said - I agree thoroughly, but understand that sometimes you do not g
  6. I really enjoyed reading his story.... that site has a unique way of imparting the man's story, I liked it...
  7. at the site that tsukino_Rei posted, you will find a whole section which connects reincarnation to Christianity - very detailed, and developed over quite a bit of time now...
  8. I myself, have too many email addresses to ask for one more - but the excitement was contagious.... you may retrieve your blanket, sir....
  9. ooooooh,my misunderstanding..... this is a book written by your own hand.....? wow, that stings a little - wish I was up to helping you out.... sorry....