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  1. Happy Beltaine to you, and all other fellow Pagans out there! Hi Old Nick! I observe May Day as a Pagan holiday, but do not attach any political significance to it. For me, it is the first day of Summer in the old Celtic year. But best wishes to you and your endeavors.
  2. Hail Good Folk! Welcome to the forum. I hope you'll take a look around and check out everything the site has to offer, you may be surprised! Blessings of Peace, Al

  3. Merry Meet Everyone, Just wanted to wish a Happy Lughnasadh / Calan Awst to all the Witches, Druids, and other Pagans out there! It is one of the four ancient Celtic festivals which divided the year into equal quarters. In Irish mythology the god Lugh instituted games and a fair as a funerary celebration for his foster mother, the agricultural goddess Tailtiu. It is a first fruits / harvest festival in Celtic areas; in Wales it is called Calan Awst (the Calends of August). It was (and is) celebrated with bonfires, and was a time for trial marriages / handfastings.
  4. Hello Everyone, Happy Beltaine to all Witches, Druids, and Pagans ! Beltaine is the Celtic fire festival celebrating summer, and across Europe this night (Walpurgisnacht / May Eve) is particularly associated with the Witches' Sabbat.
  5. Merry Imbolc to all Witches and Pagans! Alternatively, best wishes to those celebrating St. Bride's (St. Brighid's) Day or Candlemas! A happy reminder that spring is around the corner .
  6. Hi Fawzo, I thought it was great, although I didn't get to see the eclipse first hand. I am not attaching any significance to it, mainly because an eclipse was often considered a negative omen (unless you are using it as the title of a teen movie about vampires ). I'm hoping for a merry Solstice anyway .
  7. Hi Everyone, Here's wishing all Witches, Druids, and Pagans a merry Winter Solstice, and wishing all others a merry Christmas or whatever holiday you will be celebrating . (Also, a belated happy Chanukah as well!)
  8. Hi everyone, I just wanted to wish a merry Lughnasadh to all the Celtic Pagans and Wiccans out there. Lughnasadh is one the four Celtic fire festivals, observed by lighting bonfires on the eve before. This festival is dedicated to Taltiu, an earth goddess, who was the foster mother of the god Lugh. Taltiu correlates with Tellus Mater in the Roman tradition, both probably derived from a common Indo-European prototype. In Ireland this day was marked with games and an annual fair.
  9. Thank you ! It commemorates the nativity of John the Baptist. Of course most of the folk customs are pre-Christian and solar oriented, being attached to the saint at a later time. The Church assigned the summer solstice to St. John and the Winter solstice to Jesus.
  10. Tonight, June 23rd, is St. John's Eve, the old Pagan midsummer / solstice festival in disguise. Across different parts of Europe bonfires will be lit to mark the occasion. I am a Witch of Welsh descent, and (in Wales) tonight is considered an ysbrydnos or "spirit night", meaning that ghosts and spirits will be out and about. (There are three spirit nights in Wales, the other two are Winter's Eve and May Eve.) I want to wish blessings to all the other Pagans out there (and to the Christians who celebrate St.John's Eve as well ).