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  1. we worked very hard to make him a vegan....sigh... now hes back to eating faces...
  2. You can send the duck back to us now..... we couldn't afford a good carrier pigeon, and we really need him back....
  3. It connects to what I was saying in the God's wife thread... I personally feel it is a relatively recent thing that God was divested of his Feminine counterpart.... IMO, of course God has no sex, he would encompass ALL qualities - as we mature as a race we begin to see there is no paradox... The WE in god includes us as well.... IMO
  4. This is what I find interesting - and that which MUST have been happening constantly.... You use Sekhmet, and African twist to an older being, and call on her being for assistance in healing. She was seen as the destroyer - which was the " harsh " aspect of Hathor... and only when combined with Hathor was she called upon for healing... as a slightly different deity... I find it very interesting that such a being should be called on for an exact opposite reason, than would have been the case the people who existed, who recognized such a being as a god... someone who is thousands of years removed from the worship of such a being still calls on that name... All I can say is : interesting... Here is the reason that it is so hard to follow the TRUTH of history... I do believe Nerfertum is who you are referring to... I apologize if I am mistaken in your understanding... this is simply my understanding from my studies of Egyptian mythos... edit#2: cause I'm scatterbrained.... Asherah would be an exact match for a name to call upon in reiki..... and because the beliefs of Judaism were not recorded until a specific time, does not mean that the belief of the being involved is of a later manufacture... The Jews kept oral tales which referred to Asherah since ancient antiquity: I realize that the timeline for Egypt stretches back ( officially ) for 5,000 years... but I do not see how to keep these things completely separated for clarity.... I think there was influence back and forth between cultures as people wandered here and there... the gods and goddesses blend and merge and are separated again...
  5. It is an issue of Language and the concepts which are marked by those words - it is the very problem with translation.... ( we feel we understand the text well, but truthfully - the average understanding is very greatly lacking... )
  6. We were recently talking about Asherah, whom I find to be an interesting subject... in the God's wife thread...
  7. When young, I spent much time around the Edgar Cayce Institute. All the conversations lately have reminded me of certain readings from Mr. Cayce. Some of you may not know how he did his work. He would be contacted by a person wanting a reading. They would either be there in person to ask questions, or he would receive their written questions by mail. The questions he received were of a varied nature. Mr. Cayce would lie down and go into a trance. ( there is record of very interesting physical phenomena during these sessions ) He would begin speaking and what he had to say would be recorded by his secretary. Mr. Cayce would awake unaware of what had transpired. ( they pulled all sorts of nasty tricks on him to prove whether or not he was " really" in a trance...gotta be careful who you trust... lol ) Where he got his information was sometimes different. At times certain Angels addressed the listeners through Mr. Cayce - rattling the windows in the house and intimidating everyone with their presence, other times Mr. Cayce described accessing the Akashic Record for the information, yet other times different beings of expertise would give specific information through Mr. Cayce. On this particular occasion we have a request for a reading from the Norfolk Study Group #1, which was the first of the Cayce Study groups which were formed to study the massive amount of written material from the readings. They were trying to get information about Atlantis, which is a subject people have long been fascinated with, but were not getting the exact cooperation they were hoping for. I have noticed, throughout the readings, that there is an impatience displayed by the attending spirits ( whichever it may be delivering the material ) for useless questions, or questions which do not immediately relate to serious spiritual matters.... They get downright short at times... On this occasion, as I said, they are fishing for stuff to satisfy simple curiosity - what they get is a wonderful bonus, if you ask me. They ask a question which relates to a previous reading, in which it is mentioned that Jesus lived a lifetime in Ur. The spirits get a little snippy but deliver some interesting stuff... There is more to this reading, but I wanted to share this, since it had some relation to our recent conversations. These reading are very interesting, especially if one is a student of many religions... plus they are just plain interesting... what do you guys think of this? what do you think this means....?
  8. shes either sexy or creepy.... I'm withholding judgement
  9. The whole crowd screaming out Danger! Danger! Caution Adult themes....
  10. "Come and see the violence inherent in the system.... Help! Help!, I'm being repressed!!"
  11. hows the facebook withdrawal going?

  12. I have no earthly idea why that made me think of this:
  13. lol the dropkick murphys keep being put in front of me... I don't mind
  14. I prefer: but then I have to listen to this... one of my all time favorites... I have sung this walking down many a road far, far from home... ( when the hopelessness of a hundred miles of footsteps behind you... )
  15. LOL AWESOME... !! Lets just say that one stung a little.... ok thorn... touch this... ( this is taking unfair advantage of the ) one of the comments says: " they dedicated this song to Voldemort? "..... took me a few seconds but I laughed out loud when they dedicated the song to " You know who ".... and the last mettalica I'll post... for now...
  16. who knew Whipping Post was dying to be made into a bluegrass/crossover song? LMAO not bad, not bad at all... ouch, then you reach right into my soul and snatch that tonic song from me.... bad thorn.... bad, bad man.... oooooh, there's power in that song... When I was young, and reckless, and arrogant as you can imagine.... I used to sing this song for a friend's wife... I think she thought my life was free and easy... I kept quiet - I let her have that... but this was me :
  17. You are right hyperreal, this is distinctly American isn't it? There's something wondrous about watching the grizzled old hard heads that I've known, pick up a fiddle and guitar and make tears run from the eyes of an old woman.... such tender sentiment can come from such hard hearts when they get together to pick.... The Lord works in mysterious ways.... IMO, there is NO gospel like Bluegrass Spiritual....
  18. Union Station with Alison Krauss
  19. That bluegrass music plucks at my heart, and the Soggy Bottom Boys remind me of folks I once knew in Tennessee. The movie associated with the song in the video is a funny movie... edit : the actor is actually singing in the video... the Boys don't much look like that... they're called Union Station