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  1. A friend has me thinking about the reasons we do the things we do in our life. and the things we do not do as well - and the reasons why not.... I refuse to follow the dictates of those who would steer my life into a comfortable place for them. I refuse to take part in the same obfuscation which has transpired for hundreds of years. I will Shine My Light for all to see - and I will take an immense pride in that, and I will ask others to do the same. I have control of my life and I write my future... feel the rain on your skin ( they want you to think you will catch a cold.... ) I reject all
  2. this guy's been stealing my words for years...
  3. awesome! how about everything else?

  4. In the long run it is no favor to coddle those who will take no responsibility for themselves... By all means help if it is appropriate - smile and say " I'm sorry, I wish I could help.." when it is not... put some of that Big Heart to work on yourself... give yourself a break and only own what's yours... ask yourself if they will be there to help when they've bled you dry.... will they buy groceries for your children? No, guilt is not the right response for you right now....
  5. Yes it will !! and better the next and the next as well... :)

  6. Glad to see RabbiO amongst the thread, as I am about to go beyond my depth...... As usual when researching Religious subjects, one will find opinions which are at odds. understanding Jonah the Prophet, of course, is an example of how imperfect our understanding of things ancient really is... Who was he, what affected his decisions in his story?.. what exactly is the message of the story? And is there more info about him in other religions? Well, I have found that there IS disagreement on this subject. But what I have done is bring what I have found in my research forward, and I offer it as fod
  7. Thanks for checking on me !! I'm much better and ready to ramble on again...

  8. My energies are strengthening... I'm feeling better and better.. all that's left is a sinus infection...

    1. RevRainbow


      very happy to hear that! You are in my prayers. Please pray for me too. I am having a bit of a rough time. Thanks.

    2. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      I most definitely am, my friend !! All Good Things To You Rev Rainbow !!

    3. Atwater Vitki
  9. oooh, not much to do about that... I try to use official videos whenever possible... they are usually safe to link to... and theres almost always duplicates out there... just gotta find another....
  10. not sure what you mean there Rose... give us some more to go on... what do you mean they disappear? do you hear the footsteps?
  11. You wouldn't believe how bad I've been told I've been.... seemed pretty good to me at the time tho.... Certain folks around feel I'm sooo terribly bad as to warrant Hell and Eternal Punishment.... But between you and I: .... they were simply upset that I didn't support their OWN particular idea of Bad or Good..... I do say a prayer that Our Father will help them with their Judgement issues....
  12. Rev Rainbow, I hope to be able to contribute with some questions as you go along with your commentary. There are stories in the bible which interest me more than the majority. This is one of those stories. I am reminded of the old adage " If you want to effectively hide something, hide it in plain sight. " I am of the belief that there are hidden concepts within the text which are meant to be found by those who have a slightly different understanding than the " typical " Christian. I believe the story of Jonah to be one of those stories... I will wait for the appropriate time to chip in, and h
  13. The question you pose has been one of those swirling, nagging things that obsesses my consciousness in waves that crash and bubble, leaving me submerged in my ignorance..... I have had experiences of Sacred Geometry that give rise to an awesome, unquenchable thirst to understand. At a certain point in my experiences in deepest meditation numbers,geometric shapes, and mathematical concepts swirl and blend into the images and shapes I am witnessing... I feel I have been at the proper vantage to see that on the " underside " of the reality that we witness, supporting and developing that reality,
  14. begin enjoying warm fuzzy feeling in: 5, 4, 3 , 2 ,1....... Tah Daaaaaaah......
  15. I didn't mean to criticize your feelings..... but Christians the world over have standing orders against judgement.... and " Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord. " Romans 12:19 and history gives us the impetus to hold that thought close to our Christian Hearts.... Many times I have wondered "How does that person consider themselves Christian?" - It is really hard not to.... I need to constantly ( at times ) remind myself to "allow room for God's wrath", and continually put my best effort into p
  16. Couldn't this be seen as a lesson for Christians everywhere? It is easy to be outraged by our disagreement with these people's beliefs, but I DO wonder how illumination will come to those who are inundated by such harsh negativity...... Do we do them a service by responding in kind? or is our responsibility to raise them from ignorance? Do we honor an obligation as a Christian by shouting louder and harsher, or simply and quietly portraying OUR version of a proper Christian? I believe as Hex said - they will reap what they are sowing - we must beware, for we do the same....
  17. I missed this thread last night when I found my way back here.... I apologize for any worry I may have caused. I have indeed been ill, and I have had problems maintaining an internet connection. I'm in the country, so there is not the option of driving to the local library or community college ( too many folks using too few connections )... I have been concentrating on getting well and building my strength back up... Because I always thoroughly intended to be back here annoying folks as soon as possible.... I sincerely apologize if my sudden absence is construed as rudeness - but be assured I
  18. Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble - The Boathouse in Va Beach ZZ top - Hampton Coliseum - backstage passes... The Grateful Dead - RFK Pink Floyd - Charlotte NC ( i think - it's all fuzzy ) open Air Stadium Jackson Brown - pavilion in Va Beach Loverboy - Hampton Coliseum Ozzy Osborne - Hampton Coliseum Cheap Trick - Hampton Coliseum Duran Duran - with cheap trick above - would you believe Cheap Trick was the opener? L7 - small bar in Ocean View, Va - those girls were nuts !! Ronnie James Dio - somewhere in Va Beach... it's all a blur... I'm forever finding ticket stubs I had forgotten about.
  19. slowly coming back into the world of the living...

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      I read that you were sick in a blog, I had been wondering if you were better now. Glad to see this post. I enjoyed your thoughts shared. Vicki

    2. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      Hey dude, you still among the living?

      Our continued prayers for your swift recovery...if it's the same flu we had last month...expect 3 weeks of bad stuff!...but you will LIVE!

      Blessings of Healing and Health bro,


    3. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      Still checking in on ya buddy...hope all is well!

  20. hey Reverend Tony, glad you decided to post your question... and of course we are all interested in your spiritual journey. Pick the appropriate forum and give us some info !! we'll jump right in...