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  1. American Association for Nude Recreation Do NOT join their fencing club !!!
  2. Awesome Nesty, so it's business as usual....

  3. what's up, Nesty? how are things?

  4. I just dropped my phone in a cup of coffee.... DOH !!

    1. nestingwave


      Them coffee mugs are gettin bigger while the phones are gettin tinyier--must be a transmutation--I lost me keys in my bowl of soup.

    2. Rev. Justice Rivermyst

      Rev. Justice Rivermyst

      I wonder if it counts if you lose your printer in the toilet..

  5. These guys are so talented... This song gives me chills... memories can be painful sometimes... But who would give them up?
  6. Wow, sie ist ein gutes Altern. Sie ist immer noch gut aussehen.
  7. ;0 sorry to hijack you... got theads all tangled up... ill go back to the " current mood " thread....
  8. Great to see ya on the forum Rev Earl ! I know you're busy, but keep visiting us !!!

  9. Must be something in the wind.... folks are riled up this past week. Phone has been ringing, and folks are fighting.. what is going on?

    1. nestingwave


      Universal meltdown. Upward oscillation timing adjustment causing severe physical stress-- emotional pissedoffatosis and rectilinear righteous indignation coupled with uncontrolled spiritual outrageamitis. Other than that--things are normal. :o)

    2. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      whew, glad that's cleared up...... now i can find my ointment....

    3. vickijava


      I know this is a delayed comment on an old thread, but I have to say, nestingwave's comment cracked me up!

  10. I'm praying as well. When a family is burned out locally, there are always jars on the convenience store counters, with a pic of the family... and folks use them...
  11. I enjoy the tiniest amount of scotch... washed down with copious amounts of Bourbon.... Just kidding - scotch has never agreed with my taste buds.... but 101 proof Wild Turkey is juuust right... and I talk a good game - but I am a recovering alcoholic.... and drink no longer... I will occasionally sip a small glass of Wild Turkey's American Honey if among social drinkers...
  12. I'm old enough to admit... cause things weren't always PC when us cavemen grew up.... that my mother sought to cure my grasping hands with a sip of bourbon..... a toddler, mind you... after fully appreciating what she gave me , I asked for a little more.... she always said she watched me very closely....
  13. Wonderful to have you here! You will more than likely find many who feel similarly to you here. Jump in on the forum and share your views!!
  14. you'll have my prayers - and the family will as well...
  15. I missed this message and I most certainly DO NOT feel the same way as that individual... whoever it was.... Keep us posted, friend of mine.....
  16. I would be hard pressed to explain how timely your words are Reverend. There's a man sitting in jail tonight, who will hear those words from me tomorrow, whom I believe will find strength from them... You have said in one short sentence what I would have struggled through five pages to relate. There is a certain beauty to such simplicity. Thank You. and Thanks to you too AL, I was stealing a page or so from you as well.....
  17. If this was a blog I would subscribe... ... Sam is a lucky guy...
  18. I recognize it is a very difficult situation - I won't minimize it with shallow cures... He is ahead of the game with the Love and Attention he is receiving from his family. I sincerely hope that he is able to come to terms with the effects of too much drink. It is hard for the young to see them. I hope as well that the tender heart which needs the protection of alcohol learns how to give and receive Love openly, with no fear. I will pray as well that the physical attraction to the alcohol be lessened to give him a better chance at living without it... Thank you for the details - My prayers ar
  19. Bluecat, did Sam begin drinking to ignore issues in his early life? or did indulging just become too frequent? As a recovering alcoholic I wonder - The original issues will have to be dealt with now.... Is anyone looking to see them surface? And help him recognize things long hidden from the self... sorry, just my over sized sense of compassion getting in the way...
  20. The early Catholic establishment pretty thoroughly did away with the female aspect of the Divine... undoubtedly because her role as comforter and supporter was at odds with certain messages of hellfire and immanent danger... and the things they got up to in fertility temples was troubling, to say the least, to stodgy old geezers preaching hellfire... how are they gonna intercede for you there?
  21. Bingo, Fawzo ... and we mustn't forget there has always been a " politically correct " option... the ones in control set up the idol....