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  1. Thank you RevRainbow for the well written reminder to honor those who fought and made sacrifices for our freedom. Today I remember my father in law who got shot up at Guadal Canal and lived the rest of his life with his back wired together. He received poor care by the VA who lost his records and denied he was even in combat until a few days before he died where he was honored with a purple heart. He never complained about his pain, you could see it on his face. He confessed he would do it again for our country. How many people today can say that? How many would sacrifice for the sake of anoth
  2. Has anyone seen the Zeitgeist (moving forward) movie? It's on you-tube. I found it very LONG, but eye opening. I had seen another Zeitgeist movie which was equally as long a few years ago that was shocking and I really hoped it wasn't all accurate. Hard to deny some of the evidence though. Here's to raising the vibration for real change.

  3. I enjoyed the Sunday night chat with new friends:) Thank you.

  4. hmmmn, or is it this place making your mind tired...? :)

  5. A new day of re-defining my beliefs

  6. Thank you Michael. I think I would do better getting in here earlier as opposed to late at night when my brain is tired:) I need to learn some navigation skills...story of my life :)

  7. don't forget to make at least one post for full function of the messenger...

  8. I get error messages when I try to view a 'personal conversation'

  9. I love your quote, The Truth as I understand it... Is that an original?

  10. Thanks for checking on me !! I'm much better and ready to ramble on again...

  11. You are a great writer RevAl, thanks for sharing the thoughtful and honest posts! Vicki

  12. Hi Vicki,

    I believe the topic you are referring to is The choice to be in the Spirituality section.

    Thank you for your kindness, It's good to see you. I hope you enjoy your time here.

    Peace and Blessings

  13. I need to work on navigating in here(due to error messages), but I am too tired right now. I really hope to meet up with you soon, I am inspired:) Rest well, Vicki