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    Whatever it takes to coordinate with others to facilitate a totally New Paradigm of peace on earth and the prosperity of abundant life.
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  1. My Brother!!!

    I am so happy to hear from You!!!

    I think about You every day fearing I may have lost You!

    I Pray You are well and so happy when I see this post from You!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Bro Nest,

    Please contact me. I am concerned about You!

    Praying all is well w/You!


  3. Yes. And when the perception of both unfolds to a greater and greater extent -- they will be seen as one thing -- totally indispensable to each other for the complete picture -- appreciation -- and understanding of the how and why of the Multiverse. namaste
  4. hehehe -- all of the above -- and more! Simple recognition of that fact -- and the reasons behind it -- are a great step forward. Because -- for now we know only in part. Conserted efforts can sometimes be counterproductive. Just -- letting go -- and taking it as it comes seems to work better. I think we will know whatever we need to know. It does take a lot of patience -- and faith. namaste
  5. Hello brother At-The-Water. David Icke has a particular point-of-view which is due to his individual unique life experiences -- just as we all do. A part of it, of course, is how he has put together that which he has heard from other researchers and read in their books. He is a scholar in that respect. Are his interpretation without bias? Of course not. Yes --the mission he has chosen is to shed light on many things. Thousands of others are doing the same thing in these days -- each in their own individual way -- as this world emerges from its long night of darkness. In my view -- none
  6. And thank you Suzanne for your very kind words. No -- however -- as we all awaken from our long slumber of fortgetfulness -- and return to our once full consciousness -- we will all learn whatever we individually need to know for our chosen individual paths. We will finally become fully aware of 1) who we really are 2) what we are 3) why we came here and 4) where our real home is. It is where our heart is. And it draws us like a magnet. The multi-sensory apparatus (far more than five) -- existing in our human bioforms -- allows us to perceive -- translate -- decode -- decipher -- int
  7. Yes! Thank you dear brother. Eternal = forever. Omnipresent = every place and every time simultaneously -- including way out beyond space and time. And -- LIFE did manifest. That is -- it did become consciously known and appreciated -- not only upon our Mother Earth -- but upon a wide variety of multifaceted worlds all across the far-flung Multiverse.with which we are now about to grok and energetically interface. As this Eternal and Omnipresent LIFE manifested and became consciously known across the cosmos -- its innermost propelling dynamic which is driving it incessantly into i
  8. Hi Suzanne -- methinks I heard someone call?. Here is some of my highly limited perspective in seven or eight paragraphs. It is true that I am pretty obsessed with this entire subject -- so use your best discernment and intuition and only consider what I have to say as one possible interpretation. I think most folks will be highly skeptical -- as they should be -- about anything which they have not directly experienced for themselves -- regardless of who says it. To tell you the truth there ARE no "experts" about anything to do with this subject no matter who claims what. This entire experi
  9. This is a great post Rev Rattlesnake. I too find these type of synchronicities happening in my own life. This, I think, can only be called the Grace of Almighty God. It is a direct connection with The Source that supplies -- feeds -- nourishes -- ones inner need -- and it seems to happen spontaneously -- especially when one is experiencing a great and profound happening and has an intense inner seeking for satisfying answers.. namaste
  10. Blessed is he who does not expect anything -- for he shall never be disappointed. However -- my innermost life intention is for peace on earth and goodwill toward men -- the end of war and poverty -- and the creation of a thriving Galactic Civilization where two seemingly contrary things exist at the same moment: 1) the understanding of Universal Oneness. 2) the understanding of total Individual personal sovereignty. These two seemingly contrary things are resolved through the recognition that each human being is a totally uinique (one-of-a-kind) expression -- snowflake -- aspect -- person
  11. "Blessed is he who does not expect anything----for he shall never be disappointed." ~ Alexander Pope namaste
  12. Hello Constantine and a warm welcome to you. What does it mean to me to be a "minister?" Well----the very first thing is for me to remove the veils from my own eyes. This is a necessary ongoing process----otherwise my words and life example remain stale and unfulfilled. The second thing is to carry out the mission for which I incarnated. That is----to offer any unconditional love----life----light which I become capable of shinning into this world----no matter how small. This is all for the sake of coordinating with my extended family (both on and off world) to facilitate the imminent
  13. hey, I enjoyed your post in the open pulpit about the rice experiment - really cool!