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  1. Yes I have read almost all of Jane Roberts works. If I'm not mistaken I think she had two books with "over-soul seven" in the title and I read one of them but not 100% sure it is the one you listed.
  2. How old was Frank Sinatra when he is said to have killed you, and what is the difference in your ages? This one seems a little improbable if re-incarnation is a linear process, which it may not be and there might be various yous running around simulateously in some models of it
  3. Quetzal if all my wishes and dreams were to come true there would just be Kim Hyuna and me left on an Island Paradise.....why would you wish that on the poor girl lol HAPPY NEWS YEARS EVERYONE!!!!
  4. We needed a new pot anyway. Ever since the Melody Sisters were in it I kept getting an odd aftertaste
  5. Well we left them on it for so long we cant tell from the charred remains, so we're waiting for the DNA analysis so we can notify next of kin
  6. Your post about the sounding board made me think of myself as a tuning fork ....... I think I'll opt for the tone of "om"
  7. That is the way I see it Jonathan. God experiences himself and all of creation through us looking back into the mirror.
  8. I don't want to focus forever on being human. I want to experience on to many other things like a Tree, a sea creature, bird. cloud on a spring breezy day. euclase crystal and my list is endless.
  9. I have experienced getting stabbed as an Oriental and beaten to death as either an African American or their master. Both experiences were brief and unpleasant but the realization that I was physically with my body in those other locations was too cool for words. They happened to me after my first epiphany when I guess my consciousness was trying to find the right glove and time frame to get back into
  10. It just tickled me that in your prayer you stated "and one need not have any fear under your protection." I thought that is stone hard faith there especially when a deity mistakes the sun for an orange
  11. Didn't Hanuman mistake the sun for a fruit?
  12. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. by Eleanor Roosevelt.
  13. I can't argue with that verse Pastor Dave and I have a very stringent set of criteria I use to test the spirits. Sorry to say but the Bible doesn't pass my test. I use a scale. On one side for every true, loving compassionate act and teaching I place one golden grain of sand, on the other side for every vain, jealous, vengeful angry insecure untrue act I place a grain of normal sand. Sad to say when testing the Bible I ran out of grains of normal sand and it bent my scale ; )
  14. Dan you can't be a little dead it is like being a little pregnant. Adam and Eve died Spiritually first according to you "in that day" in the garden, and also according to you we are all Spiritually Dead now before we accept Christ. So Spiritual death has already occurred and as I have stated was the 1st death. Physical death is the second death and it seems you are conjuring up this 3rd death to try and scare folks, because logic dictates that one can't die Spiritually twice.
  15. Dan if I'm not mistaken when people in the past have mentioned that God was not truthful when he stated "You may surely eat of every tree of the garden, 17 but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die." Gen 2:16-17 (ESV) The apologetic has been given by I think yourself and few others that God wan't speaking of a physical death on that day but some type of Spiritual death. This then would be the first death. Physical death then would be a second death, so are you telling us now that there are three deaths? I don't think anyone could find any reasonable scriptural evidence within the pages of the Bible no matter how they twist things to justify the concept of three deaths
  16. I would argue that yes the God that Yeshua served knew what true forgiveness was, but the Orthodox Christian Demiurge God associated with the Old Testament who must have every jot and title paid for with by a bloody sacrifice has never forgiven anyone in His life. It seems impossible for the two to be the same. In the video Jesus claims that the woman's Love and Faith Saved her. It wasn't her faith in the Bloody Sacrifice of Jesus for that had not happened as of yet. Merely her love and faith in God.
  17. Methinks your God would be considered much worse to watch millions of gruesome Murders, Rapes and Torture and do nothing about it. Mine is merely watching a play or movie where the participants aren't harmed Spiritually whatsoever. The dream creations of His Son are pretty Nightmarish at times but His Son is not harmed in any manner. The Son will wake up one day and realize he is dreaming and dad was their the whole time waiting for that moment. His dream of separation and Hell was nothing more than that a Dream. My God is watching a play while he eats popcorn, yours seems to enjoy actual bloodshed and hell fire while he sits back and relaxes and eats his. I'll get you Dr. Phil's phone number. No I am basing my perceptions of God on actual firsthand experiences. The teachings of a Course in Miracles are merely the closest teachings I have found which resonate with those experiences. So you are against folks who are inspired by Spirits to write Holy Books.....very interesting.
  18. I never have claimed that I have reached that state of perfection as of yet, but I have experienced it on multiple occasions and have no doubt of its existence and that it is the nature of God as I experience him/she/it. You seem to not see that with selfless love and complete awareness there isn't any offense to forgive to make one feel better about them self. Perfect Love doesn't place conditions or expectations on its love so it is given freely. The God I know has no need to forgive you since there is no action that can offend or assault truth. Truth and Love remain pure and unscathed by whatever men can think or do. God doesn't have to have any blood sacrifice before he can forgive. Jesus did not die on the cross before God could be prepared to forgive mankind. In total awareness God is cognizant of the conditions and reasons of man's behavior since he created them and sets the parameters under which they are allowed to happen. If God did not create them then they are non-existent and merely the illusions of some lost portion of consciousness which is having a bad dream and merely needs to reawaken. Jesus did not have to suffer and die on the Cross before God could forgive anyone, yet it does make a very good focal point for individuals to become aware that they are forgiven. Jesus used simple ritualistic Baptism to get the same point across to people. A symbolic cleansing in running water and then told them "your sins be forgiven, go and sin no more" nothing had to die and suffer and no guilt was imparted to the other party in the process. The Course in Miracles teaches that "forgiveness" is the tool the Holy Spirit uses to help us awaken and regain the "right-use" of our minds. As long as there is any form of unforgiveness in one's mind, than that mind cannot experience the Oneness that is God and our true selves.
  19. No 1 Corinthians 13 is the best description of Perfect Love. I don't think having to kill your own innocent son to appease yourself for offenses others committed because you're not big enough to forgive them is an act of love whatsoever. The guilty offender asks for forgiveness to relieve their guilt that is not the same as "forgiveness". Forgiveness originates from the One offended. "Forgiveness" and the "feeling of being forgiven" are two different things and you seem to have them confused. A love that bears all, endures all and never fails and accepts others unconditionally cognizant of the inherent shortcomings designed within those beings needs not be asked for forgiveness because there is nothing to forgive. Example: I work with a person who is in a position of leadership and is a complete moronic hothead at times because he doesn't stop to think before he answers a question and is multitasking. Quite often he later has to apologize and ask for forgiveness for his actions from others. Now pay close attention. I have forgiven him after a brief few minutes of thinking of what an arse he was after one of his episodes. No need for him to even ask me he has been forgiven, many times I don't even get offended by the ignorance of others and there is nothing to forgive in my mind. Love forgives without repentance or in some cases even remorse. Sometimes folks don't even know they have offended others. That is forgiveness and is the healthiest and best response from the person being offended. The act of seeking Forgiveness is another Entity altogether and isn't what the discussion is about.
  20. So God cannot forgive anything or anyone. I think you just made my point.....the Christian God does not know what forgiveness is as I have stated many times. No Bro he doesn't forgive anything. According to Dan something or someone has to suffer and die and atone for every jot and iota. What else could you ever expect from a loving God.
  21. One problem with such charts is groups like the Catholic church consider everyone ever baptized within it's doors as still being members and the truth is the largest number of Wiccans and Pagans I know personally are ex-Catholics.
  22. Dan can you think of even one instance where it is necessary to have someone tortured and then murdered before you can forgive others. Could you ever call such an action moral? My God I hope not!!!! That God is too busy monitoring our sex lives to have time for anything else