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  1. You are assuming that I believe that Physical Creation is an extension of God, which isn't the case. Some rogue portion of consciousness may be the culprit. As perfectly healthy cells divide every now and then one of the new creations will become defective through the process. This doesn't mean that the original cell was defective at all, there was no cancer or evil in the original. God as Love and ever expanding one day expanded and one of the small cells of consciousness contained such a cancer. This cancer in my opinion was the first thought of "I Am" which created the illusionary thoughts of separation and fear which up until this point was unknown. So evil or cancer didn't reside in the Source of All things, but was simply a latent potential, which came to be contained, within the process of expansion. This is one of a couple of possibilities I entertain for the existence of fear and its legions. . Your God then requires extraction or extortion and knows not forgiveness. True Forgiveness is non-conditional, once conditions are stipulated it becomes forms of extraction and extortion. Fear places such conditions upon the recipient. Agape Love bears all, endures all and never fails. There is never anything to forgive in the first place, because Truth cannot be infracted against and remains unscathed.
  2. The creation is a reflection of the Creator. As above so below. I have nothing against Jews and rather enjoy them myself. My observations of those early desert wanderers being "ignorant" seems justified to me. A people who believe it is righteousness to own and kill slaves because they are your property, it is legal to kill adulterers, those that work the Sabbath and disobedient children and a whole host of others. The murder of over 30 cities and its inhabitants and the slaughter of the animals therein. Raiding towns and killing the men so they can take and rape those men's wives. How smart was Moses? A man who grew up in the house of Pharaoh and must have surely been instructed in the art of astrology and astronomy and knew of the peoples in the surrounding area and yet when he gets into the desert can't remember the location of the stars and which direction was which and made a 4 day journey take 40 years. My comments stand. I have nothing against my Jewish Brother and Sisters even the ones who root for the Steelers. God requires nothing my friend. If he were to require anything that would mean he is lacking. The repercussions are that people of those mindsets that you mention most likely are completely ignorant of such a God and do not know him and see not the Divine in all of creation. Their actions are most likely the product of the sin, death guilt cults that dominate major organized religions and induce low self esteem .
  3. That is really nice that God gets to create his own slaves that either serve him on bended knee with their complete will or get sent to a pit of eternal torments and later destroyed. Seems like the perfect scenario those like Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin and all the other tyrants of the world dreamed of. I can hear him now....."Oh I am so magnificent and there is none like me. Come all ye and worship me for I have given you free will, but if you opt to use that free will for anything other than my will, or oppose me on any matter I will smite thee and thy descendants eternally" Sounds like the perfect description of a Entity that bears all, endures all and never fails, whose Love, compassion and Grace exceed the limits of human understanding. The last description is the God I worship, that first one seems like it was made up by a bunch of ignorant folks lost in a desert suffering from heat exhaustion after 40 years.
  4. I hope so Pete. I personally believe "Christianity" as we know it is dead and just going through it's death spasms. I feel and hope it is going to morph into something more akin to what I believe Yeshua and Buddha and other great sages have been trying to convey to us. Then we truly will be able to do the miracles these great personages have done and greater. Entities such as the "priest craft" will no longer be able to hold dominion over our hearts, minds and spirit and we will begin to walk as more mature Spiritual beings. I'm thinking by the year 2100 this will all come to pass.
  5. That is not the "greater good" if the lesser of those two groups of people choose to accept God, it is the "lesser good". If only 144,000 accept God and the rest perish that surely is not the greater good. That is why each side had to make up their own gods. Wouldn't be right to force God to chose sides among the nations. It is not like he has a favorite nation ...oh wait a minute
  6. So God can have 50 children killed by she bears for calling an old bald headed man "old baldy" and yet allow Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein live long lives, because somehow it serves the greater good? I'm not buying it.
  7. What about the free will of not being a part of God's little drama whatsoever? Exactly God does not need to feed his Spirit and we are merely little flames off of the big flame, what else could we be since we descended from his Spirit which is all there is in all actuality I do believe. So then why should our Spirit hunger whatsoever?
  8. Is it their free will that people, suffer and die. Free Will is limited within the structures that God created. If one has to feed Spirit and God was all there was, what did he eat, himself?
  9. My question is whether Spirit needs protection whatsoever. Isn't all Spirit directly descended from God? Do portions of God rust and corrupt and die off like leaves on a tree?
  10. Wait a minute the good Reverend still hasn't decided whether it is naughty or not I hope he decides soon been drinking an awful lot of liquid in preparation and not sure how much longer I can hold it in
  11. I don't know, maybe we should test to find out. I'll come over your house call you a fool, your wife a dog flip over your living and dining room tables and urinate on your shrubs then you can tell me firsthand whether it was a bad thing or not
  12. Positive thoughts and healing energies and love are on the way Grateful.
  13. So calling folks fools, flipping over merchants tables, labeling people as dogs and cursing fig trees is good then.
  14. Too bad Jesus and Ghandi aren't on the forum to help discuss this.
  15. Did he ever try asking nicely with a "please with sugar on top" ...that always works on my mom
  16. I'm in Baltimore and the winds are picking up fairly strong now as we head into the teeth of the storm this evening. Already damage and power outages in places and only gonna get worse. It started raining yesterday and It's a little nerve racking to think it is going to be like this for two days.
  17. Ok Dan how it is abusive, it merely generates love and acceptance of everyone trying to impart pure wisdom and knowledge to all who listen and receive. It doesn't force anything on anyone at anytime. How can it be selfish when it gives expecting nothing in return, nothing Dan it expects not a single thing in return it gives and gives and gives unceasingly expecting nothing in return unconditionally. Your definition of selfish, must be in the same book as your definition of forgiveness. Dan the Divine doesn't love the fear based actions of Sin and un-right-ness of the beings whom it loves and sheds it's blessings on, but it still accepts and still loves the person who performs such, hoping that the person will become aware of the Oneness of all things and become cognizant of the fact that Christ is All and in All and opt for the right-use of their thoughts and actions. The Holy Spirit is an aide to this purpose. Your degrees of discipline are merely "conditions" which you have placed on your love which is based in the fear that God cannot protect and keep you safely in his heart and mind and arms.
  18. Dan that statement is ridiculous. You are saying that God's forgiveness is unconditional only under the conditions that one believe in him and repent of their sins. Somehow you don't see that these are conditions one must meet before God's forgiveness is unconditional. Dan a human judge is not God and did not create me and does not bear all, endure and never fail me with unconditional love and compassion. Your analogy between humans and an Omniscient God does not work either. I hope one day you experience what True Love and Forgiveness is. I can tell from your writings that you have not had that experience as of yet or you would not write half the stuff I see posted.
  19. I call BS because I would do it and I know many more who would do it if in fact that were the case to save mankind. You can't be serious, Buddhist monks light themselves on fire to protest a lot less trivial things. God should learn some compassion and mercy and become cognizant of what the word "forgiveness" means. It doesn't mean extortion and it doesn't mean extraction. According to the Bible Jesus died for the "extraction" of sins and surely not the forgiveness of sins. A big difference. One you get from a loving compassionate person the other a tyrant. Which do you serve and worship?
  20. Then again I must state that the cross and blood of Jesus meant nothing and it is the very act of belief and acceptance on the part of the believer that is the pivotal point of salvation. It is not the blood and death of Jesus which means anything but rather the mindset and focus of the believer. Salvation comes through your own mental activities and the cross and bloodshed are nothing more than a focal point which could have been belief in anyone or anything anywhere in the Universe. No according to the Bible not everyone will answer as most Christians think God is blinded to the sin of the faithful by the blood of Jesus. Also Jesus and John the Baptist forgave sins through ritual, so tell me were all those people forgiven for their offenses in God's eyes or not. In most instances those proselytizing have sinned against God and their fellow humans by judging others as sinners in the eyes of God. As ye judge so shall ye be judged. The reason for this is everything and everyone is an extension of God and to judge any portion of God as less then God keeps you separated from the knowledge and experience of the Oneness and Inter-connectedness of all things.
  21. My favorite portion of the Gita is when Arjuna is given the choice of either having the entire armies of Krishna for his use or the Guidance and fellowship of Krishna himself at his side in his chariot. As any true Mystic would do he opts for the guidance of Krishna.