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  1. There is also a person with a Ham radio operators license noted at that address in Oklahoma and I checked but couldn't find anyone on FB with that name living in Oklahoma at that address.
  2. Thanks Mark. I had already sent her that link. Is the ULC considered valid in any foreign country whatsoever?
  3. One of our members on FaceBook who has moved to the Netherlands is having difficulty finding out about her legality to marry others as a ULC member there. Language difficulties and people with no idea of the concept of ULC are hampering her attempts at getting any answers. If anyone here has any info or could direct her to a source where she could find answers any response would be appreciated. Thank You!
  4. Hang in there lordie! Never give up something you love doing if it doesn't harm anyone.
  5. Pete I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. Mom's are special people and everyone should appreciate their's while they still can.
  6. Now that you have doused my concerns for Pete's Mom turn and do the same the same for your mountain!!!
  7. I don't remember reading about Pete's mom being ill, but I would like to add my loving and positive healing vibrations to your well wishes as well.
  8. Happy New Year to you as well my friend RabbiO!!!! I will add may the Pittsburgh Steelers have a winning Season
  9. Do you believe that Mary remained a virgin even after the birth of Yeshua?
  10. These days some would consider being labeled as a Heretic an improvement over being labeled as a Catholic.
  11. I just noticed that denomination spells out "I Demon nation" just a coincidence, methinks NOT
  12. Atwater Vitki all those folks like your engineer friend who use statistics such as the one you mentioned to try to show the statistical improbability of humans surviving from just Adam and Eve or the 8 folks still living after the Noah Flood events aren't using their heads. Every mammal and species on our planet evolved and exists from such small groups. I can't believe anyone who believes in evolution would even give such an argument an iota of credibility
  13. I've loved all Rupert's videos I have watched to date. I post them frequently in an Atheist Facebook group called Challenging Christianity. You know he has to be considered one of the crazies though by the scientific community at large.
  14. I believe it falls under the category of an Interfaith Organization.
  15. I think many Christians feel that if they were to read those other sacred writings "inspired buy the devil" they would be tempted and deceived. Their Faith in their belief system is so feeble they don't want to be influenced by other information like even science for an example.
  16. Since I am a direct descendant of the Point Of Singularity, I have the power of the whole Universe backing me. Who needs silly priests or dogmatic religious institutions to reinforce my authority. BTW - Please don't mention that everyone descendant from the same source
  17. Daniel claimed ..."My point was that when you have mercy on, or forgive the unrepentant, your pretty much endorsing and promoting their sin, and God hates sin......tell me again why Jesus came and died such a horrible death?!?!!?!
  18. Could you envision a modern Wiccan having a Dremel on their altar or would that be too modernistic.
  19. Is that serated blade on the left of your altar for when sarifices are too large for the altar and you need to trim off an apendage or two
  20. I agree. It costs methinks approximately $35,000 a year to house them in corrections facilities might as well educate them and quite possibly make them useful to society. Did you see the article where Denmark is closing prisons because of a lack of criminals?
  21. No but give his group long enough and they'll find a Bible Code to make one lol
  22. The group Ray-El is claiming that their Messiah and his father are directly responsible for the natural disaters which are affecting the Seat of Satan (aka USA) since this Messiah is an Amercian Citizen an ex-convict named Raymond Howard Lear, I would think any court could charge him and his followers with terrorism since thay are basically pleading guilty, or charge them with faud or at least a brief stay at a mental facility to make sure they are mentally sound and not a danger to themselves and others.
  23. No I think a class action lawsuit filed against those claiming to be his only contact points here on earth is more appropriate.
  24. Humans have children and property as well and are not allowed to destroy or break them freely a lot of times. Try to abuse your own kids or burn down your own house.
  25. Dan we know God had no problem killing children and women and even condoning rape. http://www.nobeliefs.com/DarkBible/darkbible3.htm#raping-and-killing Since the Bible claims God is in complete control of the weather shouldn't all the Organizations here on earth that claim to be his direct representative then be held liable for the damages he caused and made to pay restitution for loss of life and property?