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  1. I am beyond shocked! I have not been here for a long while and I this news about Rev. Al is so deeply saddening . He was such a wonderful shining soul- compassionate , understanding and filled with love and deep wisdom. I loved his insights and words. The world has lost a beautiful soul-and heaven gained a shining one back . I am thinking of him with much love......many of his wise words are with me. Blessings dear Al, and may you always be in the light of the "Infinite". Suzanne
  2. Congratulations Al...sounds like you did a great job! Yes little girld grow up, but then come other little girls or boys to love. Prayers, blessings and good wishes for the young couple! -love, light and blessings to you, Suzanne
  3. Beloved Al- I am sorry about your mother! I hope she is improving-she will be in my prayers, she shall occupy a bead on my rosary daily from here on. Prayers for you and the rest of your family. Have a blessed year. with much love, Suzanne
  4. Happy, Peaceful and Healthy New Year to all you wonderful people. It is truly blessing and privilege to be amongst you!...I am a little late, but better a little late then never! Wishing you love and all the best for 2014. Suzanne
  5. Absolutely-Amen to your insight Al! blessings and peace, Suzanne
  6. Silly you?? Not at all Rev.JohnG! At times our view changes, and our soul knows. God is not a religion-, though I am a Catholic. But there are many roads to the heart of God. blessings and peace, Suzanne
  7. It has always been my belief--whatever gets you further towards God, or whomever that Higher Power is. For me any religion is a "wayshower", thought I am a Christian with some other religions inter-mixed. I do not believe one religion is the "one" neither is one better than an other, as long as one practices ones own from the heart and lives according to the "golden rule"-names matter not, following one`s conscience is. blessings and peace, Suzanne
  8. Well--a very dear friend of mine was in St Michael`s seminary here in Toronto, about 14 years ago--Very few people get taken as it is almost an elite club-a fast track to the Vatican. He studied with some very prominent theologians in Europe, and came from a Jesuit school. His ideas about Mary were not tolerated--he got a letter from Ratzinger himself, to cease and desist. He didn`t -and got thrown out and got excommunicated after being there for two years. So it happens if you are in the light, but for little people like myself--they don`t care at all. Even if they did--what then? As for my friend he still became an ordained minister from a non- Catholic Christian University. But the thing was--he never wanted to be a priest, just a theologian, that was the problem--they were afraid he may poison the minds of the young priests he was planning to teach--or rather open their eyes to some truths. blessings and peace, Suzanne
  9. He maybe regarded as a crazy, but I really admire the man, and there is a lot of truth to his views. Often people were burnt at the stake for holding to specific ideas, ideals and beliefs--and then later were canonized. Science is very dogmatic and often rather fickle. Then again science may be great as well as technology--but spiritually I feel we are moving backwards. That is the price we are paying-certainly did not come not cheap. blessings and peace, Suzanne
  10. Absolutely! I agree RevRainbow blessings and peace, Suzanne
  11. Hi RevRattler- Well--in the conversations that I have had with Her, She told me that She is all that "IS". I asked Her name--Her response was" I am all names, call me what you will,I am all that exists--for none can imagine all that which and who I AM". One can interpret that as many things--but the fact remains for me that She exists. blessing and peace, Suzanne
  12. Hi Fawzo- To tell you the truth I don`t know at all--but to me it matters not because my ideas of Mary are rather unorthodox. If she was human and we accept the story in the Bible, then yes She was.-However if the Bible is simple a parable, a metaphor or a simple story to understand, then it is a different story. For me She is actually fully part of God--"God" infact, part of the complete manifestation, totality of God. If we presume She was the mother of God, then is not the mother equal to the son? blessings and peace, Suzanne
  13. Thomas Merton is my favourite spiritual writers, a mentor in a way who has had a huge impact on how I think, view life, religion and politics. I thought I would share this video. I find the context even more meaningful now, than back in Merton`s day. blessings and peace, Suzanne
  14. Being a Catholic--I actually call myself a renegade Catholic, and I shall die a Catholic,in fact my dedication is to our Blessed Mother entirely!--however I have no problems with being here. Even if I were excommunicated by the church,to me it would make no difference--I would still attend church and do what ever what my heart says. No man can tell me what to believe, the relation between God and my self is personal. To me religion is a way--but faith, my belief- is to me God. In fact --I have many religions within my heart,and I practice a few within my life- Hinduism, Budhism and a few others--they all lead to God--Our Lady was asked in Medjugorje what is the true religion--She replied , I am paraphrasing: All religions are the same in the eyes of God as long as it is followed properly- for it all leads to God. One can be a Catholic, and have other apects that ring true within one`s soul--and as to what the parish priest would say I wouldn`t at all care. They are human, they may have more theology behind them--but they know no more that the peasant woman in Peru as to demonstarting God, the after life, or knowing God`s heart. --to tell you the truth--the truth lies in our hearts--only God counts and what He tells me or you-and how we conduct our lives. I am sure there are more Hindus,Buddhist and other faiths than Catholics in heaven ;-) blessingsa and love-welcome! Suzanne
  15. I think that maybe they are angels sent to teach us things-love, forgiveness, compassion, non-judgement and so much more that we need to know and to understand. Yes-Dan--I agree with you 100%! Absolutely there was a space in heaven for them before us :-) blessings and love, Suzanne