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  1. Any Suspects? If captured, we could find out what ill beliefs or motives the culprits have. Sounds like a good place for a remote camera "setup" for positive purposes...
  2. Greetings, I realize MDTaylor addressed this long-form 9 years ago in the legal section, but the time has flown by and I hope by now some of the obstructions have been corrected after all this time. I chose the general forum because there are too many categories for all of them to be looked at frequently, and this one's the most active. My research shows that Suffolk County came up years ago in a divorce case, where some creative lawyer claimed the validity of the original marriage was void because a ULC minister had officiated at the wedding. Has anyone out there performed a recent wedding
  3. Not to worry, brother JohnG. No big deal but I wish we could edit our OWN comments without the brief time limitation. I really appreciated that you let me know you enjoyed my youthful encounter with our founder. I'm a Northeast US member. It seems to me someone in the Cali' area near ulchq should bless us with a good archive of all periodicals [old ULC newspapers] of the 1st ~30 years, and archive all known audio/video footage of Kirby J. and ULC events. It's family run, probably on limited resources, and they won't document their history like, for example, Disney Productions. There are
  4. -quote- "ULC Seminary is a strange site with overpriced items/courses, etc." - unquote WHOA! I started to "quote" the above and then politely disagree, when a distraction came up. When I returned to the computer, my edit time expired! Here is what I meant, Rev John G, I respectfully disagree about the seminary. I have no connection to them except I think I have their wedding guidebook. To me, things like Scientology and The Midwest Center are hard-sell, high profit, high consumer-complaint organizations. The seminary is making a living, but it's an honest one. If all organizations had th
  5. Disclaimer: the following are personal views rather than anyone's "official views". We are in agreement, Moderator Dorian/Murph. The "irritating thing" is the Monastery, the "network", the Other World Headquarters...claim sole legitimacy and then unnecessarily and falsely smear the original 1959-1962 Church. According to this and (ditto), followed by Archive_1,2 & 3, everybody involved in these controversies has a rap sheet a mile long. The discussion wore out some of Wikipedia's editors so bad, they retired. The historical Kirby--At a
  6. Thank you, brother! I am glad I found a real bug rather than a deficiency on my part. For that matter, I don't mind being corrected, in any case. As far as the honorifics and addressing a rev. by title, I searched a little but couldn't find it offhand; what I've read somewhere before...I think it may have been on some ULC site or forum long ago: My protocol is Rev. [name], D.D. <OR> Rev. Dr. [name], without "D.D". So I believe it would be standard to use either, but not both, "Dr." or D.D., one at a time. But not Dr. and D.D. together. Works for me. Thanks again! ps - love your
  7. Thanks for enlightening me. Regarding court action by that 's been mentioned by Andre and Amy, they've referred to what it would take is between the monastery and the original owner of, Br Zimmerman. Zimmerman's former authorized site had a lot of very strange rambling writings on it but at least he sent for creds at the real hq. So it is the "hostile takeover" involving Seattle & Tucson that seems permanently unresolved unless litigated. I suspect Zimmerman is quite elderly now, if living, and probably not in the best of health, physically or financially, and some of the old o
  8. SInce the topic is locked, please allow me to paste in the following quote, and then further update it. **Please scroll to the bottom for the updates so as to keep the integrity of the quotation unchanged** THIS IS A PERSONAL MESSAGE WHICH MAY NOT REFLECT THE VIEWS OF THIS WEBSITE --QUOTE-- Posted 03 December 2011 - 10:14 AM OK, Andre just sent his permission, so here it is in it's entirety....... Sent by me- Sir, I am ordained through ULC and am writing for some clarification. When I Google ULC, I receive several options, all claiming to be THE ULC. I
  9. I tried to add Dr after Rev in my display name. The profile software won't perform this. When I try to save it, i get this: "The name can only contain these characters: a-zA-A0-9." That ain't right I don't know if anyone can fix this, but would appreciate it.
  10. Dear Fellow Ministers, I had the good fortune to find out about the ULC before there was an internet because they were in both TIME & NEWSWEEK in May 1969. I requested my ordination by snail mail - that's all there was in the stone age - and so far, I'm still here. As I've said before, I wish somebody had the archives and the resources to put all the old ULC newspapers on a DVD for historical reference, because they showed the power, energy and charm of a slightly younger Hensley family that really drove this church into world domination. (I gave most of my 1970s newsletters away to sp