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  1. It seems like this thread should be in open pulpit. Its not a discussion but a sermon.
  2. I think you may find all five parts in one PDF at Welcome to ULC Shaggy.
  3. It is original, and it is his story, It was published in the Rock River times a while back.
  4. It depends on what you call "God(s)". If it is one supreme creator of all things then we are not separate but part of. The creator and creation. Even the Christian bible says in the first pages that there was void but for God, and God created all things. If there was only god and god created all then what did he create from. The obvious answer is he created from itself. If you are talking beings that exist in another realm then I suppose there would be many. Remember the God of the bible who said "I am jealous, wrathful and vengeful"? Sounds a bit narcissistic and ego driven (Also a couple of the seven deadly sins) which I would not want to be a subject of. Also not a very supreme being. In the Buddhist wheel of life there is the God realms. These beings have reached a level of enlightenment but it is also not a permanent thing. They eventually will also be reborn to complete the journey. Enlightenment would be outside of the wheel of life and a part of all things.
  5. I thought would also share my sons music with you. This is his band. I'm totally impressed.
  6. Very good Brother K, Websters described meditation as "Contemplation" which is so far off base they editor was obviously clueless. The Yoga sutra's of Patanjali described yoga as " stilling the fluctuations of the mind stuff". A much better desciption. But as its impossible to think of nothing because even when your thinking of nothing you're thinking of something (not to confuse), so what you do is pick one thing and focus on it till even it disappears. In this manner you train the mind to shut itself down freeing the true self to reveal its relationship to the universe. Or astral project. Loved you explinantions Asdasiae Om
  7. Thank you Songster, Yes they are all me. The Sanskrit (Om Namha and Gopala) are variations on Kirtan. The guitar that you refer too was tuned down a full step and then the low string E in a drop D. Thanks for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed them.
  8. Meditation is a lifelong and life changing practice. And yes meditating on a full stomach is not the best. Not that there are any ill effects but your body uses energy to process food and this is why fasting can be a good thing to do from time to time. you will notice the difference in your meditation. It also explains why when you are sick you lose your appetite. While the body is fighting infection it is using all of its energy towards this process and to process food takes away from that energy. You might try to continue your practice after the 10 day event. In ten days you are gettting just a little taste of the potential benefits of long term practice. Om
  9. I do believe that this is the method taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. I attanded a group that were followers of his and found it very relaxing. Have you cointinued to practice Hyper real?
  10. Thanks for correcting my grammer. "is" was the proper word. Om
  11. The only thing that is certain in this moment. Its all we have. The past is gone! Is it certain? The way you rememer it may not be the same as the way way someone else remembers it. The future is definetly uncertain but does it matter? Being in this moment what we do now (this moment) will decide what the future brings. Anxiety about the uncertain future will cause stress which leads to poor decision making, not to mention make you fail to realize how joyful this moment is. Always live in the moment.
  12. Thanks Grateful, Yes!!! that's definently the energy
  13. The Gayatri Mantra: This is said to be the king of all Mantras At the end I do a little Kirtan type song called Gopala which I think translates as Cow herder.
  14. This was written December 24th 2009. I was snowed in at an apartment where I was house sitting. Did a Yule Ritual and this is what came out of it. The Song is called "Universal Peace" Om