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  1. Two things- Find as much peace as you can with what you yourself expect will come. You will ask many questions and in the logic of finality you may discover the answers to any doubts you may possess. Allow the trials and tribulations of human social demands to be a part of the much bigger picture of the natural existence of the world around you. We are important to ourselves and society, but we exist in a very minute area of a much more grand stage. We write many plays, but the stage was there from the start. Admire it and the concept.
  2. Sometimes I wish I could live another 500 years. Oh the neat things that mankind has yet to experience. But, alas, perhaps proof of an intelligent designer in that we only live about 100, considering some of the other changes that ultimately go with it.
  3. A question on the topic. Can we really definitively categorize political ideologies? For sake of argument, if all Americans were to be taxed on a flat rate, then conservative Donald Trump would obviously pay more than the liberal computer tech would at 60 grand a year. Each would be contributing according to their means. Each a responsible and viable working contributer. But out of that pool of tax each would receive equal protection from our national defense system, each receiving according to their need to be protected as a citizen. Clearly the fundamental principle behind socialism. The same argument could be made for trash collection. We don't argue much about it, but we all give a share to have it done for the entire community. It all gets a little fuzzy when you start nit-picking the particulars. When it suites us as a community, we tolerate socialism in America. When we don't benefit directly, we call it an enemy of freedom.
  4. I don't think humankind can ever be prohibited from doing anything. As Fawzo points out above, "should" and "can" are apples and oranges. That said I am now pondering a world of 3 billion folk as opposed to our current 6 billion. 150 million Americans as opposed to 300 million. In nature these occurences are usually the foundation for a new and fruitful beginning for a species. Once we get past the mourning.
  5. Your profile picture alone shows that any good karma that exists is certainly on your side. You can count one more positive thought to that, you will do well my friend. Peace
  6. Welcome back Sound of Peace...glad you rejoined in the fun! Hope to see more of you

    Blessings of Peace,

  7. I am a firm believer that we as a species have a very long way to go on the evolutionary tree. And I do see it happening. In the days of Alex the Great and Gengas Khan, battle was the way of life. Then we graduated to the world war series. We tired of that and our conflicts became Koreas, Vietnams and Afghanistans. And now you really gotta have a tip-top script if you want to persuade people to attend another battle. The prayers help hasten us to better days, but have faith that we do seem steadily headed in that direction.