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  1. well, when I last sat in the hot seat, most of the questions were pretty banal. I learn more about my forum mates by discussing politics.
  2. probably negligence. Possibly at their request.
  3. forgot to add. 12 monkeys.. Not an optimist. Just honest. For the survivors, Pandemics can be good things. they also gave us that ring around the rosie poem. I would suggest we make other precautions against over population.. like VHEM. But, as a pessimist, I suspect we will choose the less pleasant alternatives of war, famine and plague.
  4. I chose sterilization. You should read up on the Voluntary Human Extintion Movement. You should also read history. Yes, the black plague was terrible. But, it redistributed up a lot of wealth. Read Connections, by Burke.
  5. she was wearing breasts? Women are so immoral.
  6. me too. Looks good to me. what she should wear a frock?
  7. meh..if they follow his formula.. marry next state by law, marry in state by church.. the courts would feel pretty foolish trying to prosecute anyone for improperly solemnizing the nuptials of a previously legally wed couple. But it doesn't actually move to fix the problem. VA ULC ministers need to unite, and form a plan, and challenge this in court. Any lesser response is accepting that the state may regulate the definition of religious actions to the citizens. They might want to ally with ministers of the COAW, the pastafarians, the dystopians, the subgenii, etc. People who find the absurd a comfortable place to play. edited for readability (added paras..)
  8. well, try a minor fight. commune with us, and bring a copy of a discussion thread in which you take part. Or, tell them you commune telepathically with other members. See if they are willing to fight that..
  9. I don't know. If I were forced to make a distinction, it would be that the difference is temporal. Politics is the current moment and expectation of the future, religion is the history. But, really, that is full of holes as well. Very Clever, btw.. M
  10. I can suggest (not as strong as recommend) a company called start church.. or the like.. They are specifically aimed at christian churches.. but the basic info would be useful anyway. They do cost something, but provide basic info tailored to your state, on articles of incorporation, boards, etc. (Assuming you plan to organize as a non profit..). I bought some of their products for my state, and they were fair to good.
  11. well, learning the very basics t'aint too bad. You start on a chanter, ignoring the bag.. and learn the basic fingering, and grace notes that make the bagpipe distinctive (since it is a continuous sound instrument, with very little room for modulation). Moving to the pipes can be done in steps, but it is still giving me conniptions. I forget to squeeze, or forget to finger, or simply forget what I am trying to play. Very awkward.. And the kid hates it. So do the cats, I think.. but they may just be appreciating it from a proper distance. Now, I am not talented musically, so I got that agin me. I played Tuba in high school, and took a little piano a few years back, but couldn't get over the black keys.. which should give you some idea of my limitations here. but I know of people to taught themselves.. so, it is doable.. edit to add.. yes, Great highland, though I did pick up a set of "Kitchen Pipes" to give me something to work with that won't offend as much. It uses the same fingering.. But I am having a bear of a time getting it in tune.. Playing pipes is like trying to play 3 or 4 instruments at the same time, with your armpit.
  12. I am currently studying bagpipes.. well, fooling around more than studying..
  13. perhaps you went to ULCwisconsin dot com. ? Run by the monastery.. set up in the hopes of attracting someone to do for them what I do for ULC HQ ordained ministers, I suspect. Most links their take you to the monastery.. Contact me.. Kokigami -at- yahoo.c om after going to the link above, if possible..
  14. well, found this. Awkwardly segmented, but the answers you seek should be there..
  15. a quick google search did not find me a direct link to the GA statutes, but I am sure they are out there, somewhere. So let this post simply serve to bump the topic for you...
  16. I wrote a reply that went into more detail, but that is the jist of it. To elaborate, the Monastery is a different church, that is often mistaken for the ULC - in large part because they foster the impression that they are the ULC. The New York Clerk is probably unaware of the difference. So, the first question is - where did you go to get your initial ordination? If it was here or ULCHQ, you should contact ULCHQ Universal Life Church, Headquarters 601 Third St. Modesto, CA 95351 Office Ph: 209-527-8111 In any case, welcome to the forum.
  17. Well, maybe, actually. He would be legally ordained (in the US anyway) christian, evangelist. That does not mean he would not be charged with some crime or another in his country, or in another country. If his country has any laws concerning which religious organizations are recognized he could still run afoul of those laws. For example, since Bangladesh has a state religion, they may also have a list of approved churches for christian activities. He needs to talk to a lawyer there... this is not the place to answer his question.
  18. I have no idea what I could say with regards to the issues of faith, but, for what it is worth, I send good wishes for your little girl.
  19. you would be well advised to consult a tax attorney.
  20. get well. do your ass kicking with the other foot.
  21. much appreciated to all.

    not like I like birthdays, of course..

  22. Agreed. They can't regulate you, They can regulate him. Assuming our assumption above is correct.. you have not confirmed it. You can start the church with the i net access, he has to leave, or get arrested.. The state will be ok with either..
  23. I am assuming this relative has a court order forbidding his internet access. And it would be a violation of his parole, or plea bargain. I would listen to the county health people.. they are correct. Or let him go to jail..
  24. yes, this is arcane. I have no idea what he is talking about..