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  1. ok, local attorney advised me that the government CAN NOT regulate a church or any private business unless one of the owners is under their jurisdiction or unless it's a business that is normally regulated by the government like a doctor's office, school ect.
  2. ok, maybe my choice of wording on that was bad. The County Mental Health and Probation agency are telling me i have to turn off the churches internet service because I'm starting the church out of my relatives house. They are threatening to place this relative in jail because the church has internet access for the business. My relative doesn't have access to the internet himself but they threaten anyways.
  3. Tricky question but let's see what comes back here: Now are County government agencies (County Probation Department and County Mental Health) allowed to dictate to the church how it should operate? Now, the pastor is not under the jurisdiction of either agency but a family member is. I'm trying to get a church started and I can't even launch without Internet on-site.
  4. I know this and would plan on having that minor hurdle meet prior to officiating a wedding. But it's funny, in NY the pertinent sections of the domestic relations law and religious corporation law seem to say different. see topic for more and the quotes given are directly from NY law.
  5. OK, you have a point! my mistake, my county clerk was only useful to refer me to someone who could answer my question as in NY it's not the county clerk who files the marriage license but the municipal clerk (City, Town or Village) clerk who was able o answer my questions in NY.
  6. I can only give you suggestions based on my interpretation of the law where you are, I would recommend checking with the COUNTY clerk, or the CITY clerk in your county seat though. The law states "All ordained or licensed clergymen belonging to this state or any other state may perform marriages as long as they continue in the work of the ministry. -- -Marriage license must be completed by the minister and returned to the city or town clerk. --- For questions see the city or town clerk." My Interpretation is: 1. Non - Residents CAN perform marriages in CT. and 2."Continuing in the work of the ministry" implies to me at least that CT is requiring you to have an actual congregation in order to perform marriages. Hope this helps!