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  1. I don't mind trying to fight it, but I work ~60 hours a week and I'm trying to complete my PhD. I don't exactly have a lot of free time, or money, to really fight that hard. This is a lot of good information though, but to put it simply; What do I do from here? What is you all's recommended next step? Thanks for the help!
  2. Welcome to the Forum. We're glad to see you and hope to hear more from you in the future. Blessings of Peace,

  3. Thanks guys/gals, I really appreciate the information, and it's actually very interesting! I don't think I'm going to sue to overturn it. Honestly, I just wanted to perform a wedding ceremony. It was a novel idea, and I'm sad it didn't work out. I just don't understand how in this day and age, when most people aren't strickley religious, why people can't just say they'd rather have a friend perform the rites versus some stranger from some church that they never go to that they don't want in the first place. Tsomething lhis is something like the third couple I know that has asked me to do it. I understand in VA I can get something like a 'Day Pass' to let you perform a wedding, and that's what I ended up doing for the last one. These friends saw me officiate at the other wedding and really wanted me to do their's too, and the cycle began. So what is 'The AG opinion'?? I had the notarized letter and the certification, but no luck. I am surprised; no one else from VA has had this problem?? Some extensive searching really couldn't find anything on it...
  4. Well, I've actually traveled to two separate courthouses today, in both Virginia Beach and Hampton, and called a third. They've almost taken it, the clerks themselves seem to have no problem with it, but when they return they say that "The Universal Life Church isn't recognized by the state of Virginia", or something to that effect. In both cases, neither clerk seemed to actually have a problem with it, it was when they went to run it through their system that they came back stating that.... I think Dorian Gray is correct. So, I'm guessing there's nothing that can be done to work with this?? PS: Thanks for the quick responses, guys/gals! Really appreciate it!
  5. So, is there nothing we can do to officiate a wedding in VA? I've looked all across your website and nothing mentions that VA's county clerks straight up don't recognize ULC in Virginia. Is there any way around this??