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  1. I just realized that url still has the word temp in the title. Interesting.. Not important, but interesting.. As long as you perform the wedding under the authority of the ULC in modesto, I can write you a letter. I am not sure how it will work if you perform it under the auspices of your own church, because technically, I am not a part of that church. See the difference?
  2. never. nah ah ah..

  3. no, I ate the cookie.. still have the fortune, in case it matters for the next promotion. If they follow the pattern, that will likely be my last opportunity for a BC slot.
  4. ooooh.. I should buy a lottery ticket, promising to use the money to support my projects and such, just to test this miracle theory.. good idea..
  5. I owe it all to the states rather odd statutes.. really.
  6. I have to relate the story as I told it to you... I was at work, and we ordered out Chinese. Anyway, my fortune cookie read.. "you are next in line for promotion". So what do I get when I get home? Coincidence, or miracle? discuss. Thank you, I don't know that I deserve it, but I will mention it on my resume for the next Battalion Chief position.
  7. well, I am interested, but, perhaps I should read up on satanic verses first. Been a while since it was a topic over here, and even then, no one talked much about the book, instead focusing on the author and his predicament.
  8. Usurper For myself, I mainly do letters. Wisconsin requires a letter of sponsorship from an in state minister for an out of state minister when an out of state minister wants to do a wedding in state. We are just moving into the busy season. I have done about 15 letters so far this summer, and expect to do over 100 by fall. As of now, this is all out of my pocket, but I am considering getting set up to take some donations to off set the cost of stamps, envelopes, etc.
  9. "The Spiritual Life of Children" by Robert Coles , "gimp, surviving your survival: a memoir" by alisa christensen, "The Highland Bagpipe and Its Music" by Roderick D. Cannon, "Field of Glory: Ancient and Medieval Wargaming Rules" by Richard Bodley-Scott and Peter Dennis
  10. Actually, their law requires the minister to be associated with a "regularly established church". Not to have a congregation. That is why Bucks found for the couple. ULC is a "regularly established church". I think this one is all over but the crying.. But, law is never completely predictable. also from one of the articles "In the last three months, the ACLU has won similar victories in a Montgomery County case involving another ULC minister and in a Philadelphia case involving a Jesuit priest." The jesuit priest case will cinch this state wide, I suspect. Jesuits rarely have congregations, but no one is going to tell them they can't perform marriages.
  11. I wouldn't. But I live a long way away, and can't be of much help.
  12. yes, complete rubbish. Problem with a vaccine is there is no way to know if it actually prevented something, or if that something wasn't a real threat.
  13. yes, if, in fact you are choosing. But, that is questionable. Could those who choose to believe in volition choose not to believe? I see no evidence to support that idea.
  14. Well, happy to see you didn't die that day. As I said, welcome aboard. Ask a question, and you will get answers. Not always right answers. But I doubt anyone will mean to mislead. Even me.
  15. I am gonna say welcome, but I admit I didn't read much past the first two lines. Scanned the rest.. I don't recommned center justification in posts. And I would say this post comes dangerously close to a monetary solicitation, which is, if I recall, forbotten on the board. Though, I simply couldn't make real heads or tails of it due to formatting... Careful what you ask for...
  16. not sure I believe in volition. Can you make a case for its existence?
  17. Chai latte brown. That is also the flavor of Love. Chai is love in liquid form. no, it would be subjective. Subject to the agreed upon scale. We could agree, but it still would not be objective truth. The best we can hope to achieve is an approximation of truth. There is no way to collect enough data to get an exact truth. oh, yes, I agree with that as well.
  18. not definitive but edited to link directly to the article in straight dope as the original link didn't work..
  19. woot.. forgot that you were once Vic, vic. I'm thinking that last transformation was - what, 5 years back? Now, I gotta ask, were you really just deep under cover.. Really, I thought it was a good post. And lots of good follow up. Wish you well. Course Agnostic is the only true path.. The dude abides...
  20. you lurk, there for you is..

  21. you are making a big leap here. You are, if I follow, assuming these people were already present and protecting him. Am I misunderstanding? As far as I can see, if anyone travels in time, they will change the timeline, simply by existing in another timeline. It may be possible to observe a previous timeline, but even the act of observation can change the outcome. Of course, it is possible that these changed timelines already exist on alternate time paths. Perhaps possible is the wrong word. Inevitable..
  22. if he is aware of them, the time line is changed, the future is changed, and they vanish, like a dwarf, in a puff of greasy black smoke. or maybe his Mom cheated...