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  1. I once felt that way, but I have come to the conclusion that, those who understand math rule the world. I do regret ignoring it in my academic career. In part because now, as I consider turning a two year degree into a four year degree, I am being blocked by my innumeracy. And in part because data crunching is about math, and data crunching is how one comes to understand truth. There is an arguement to be made that, for most peoples lives, these answers are accurate enough, just as many believe that knowing only basic math is enough. I don't agree with those arguements, but I can see them.
  2. I am, for the summer, free of homework, officially. That isn't as I had planned, but my maths are deteriorated severely, so I didn't qualify for the class I had "hoped" to take. Doing some unofficial homeworks..
  3. Honestly, I hadn't though about it. Probably, mostly. When I do, I think in terms of words with specific commonly known definitions. (if people are gonna get all chatty, I am going have to start logging in more often.) This is the most common reason for words to be deemed unacceptable. People are jerks. Handicapable was an attempt, I suspect, to create a term that would be difficult to use pejoratively. And to an extent, it worked, because it is too awkward a term to toss off as an insult, and makes little sense abbreviated. However, it is awkward all the time, so not really a solution. I like to think that most often it is intended to protect, but it becomes the tool for classifying people as jerks, sometimes unjustly. This reminds me of the scene in Clerks II about the term Porch Monkey. The usage and meaning of words changes, unless we calcify them. hmm. Others have addressed the weakness of a single study. I will point out that honesty does not always improve a situation.
  4. funny, you seem the only one I quoted for replies.. I can certainly see this point. I don't agree, because I don't agree with your definition of the term. In that, however, I did some elementary research ( I googled for 5 minutes) and found the term has a much more complex history than I had known. I think a measurable share of the culture wars may have to do with competing definitions of the term PC. I tend to see the term most often as a pejorative against compassion. Mostly agreed. Everyone has slightly different definitions of most abstract words, and some can be quite unique. But, failure to achieve some consensus on definitions pretty much hamstrings communications - at least the kind that is intended to achieve understanding. For the kind that is completely self expression, well, why use words at all? Poetry.. I am now wishing I had quoted the original post, but it was long, and long ago, so I will address the original question. I try to assume human error without specific evidence of malignant intent. However, we all have raw nerves from time to time, and some are perpetually inflamed. I don't think interpreting things in the worst way has a rational good, but I don't think it tends to be a rational process at work.
  5. I am posting this only to get in on the topic. I need to go back and catch up, but don't have energy right now. Semantics and taxonomy.. what fun.
  6. And thus we get back to the question of free will. It's always out there, begging to be reconsidered.. And yet, hot and cold are relative terms.
  7. well played. And you were never the only one. I have that in my head as well. It seems to me that one can prepare for violent encounters without preparing to become violent. Part of that is preparing to be injured, but also preparing strategies for avoiding injury. I wouldn't call myself a pacifist, because I am not to the level that I feel I could stick to that philosophy, in a crunch. However, it is generally my goal.
  8. harm can mean a lot of things. Do you know the principals of Aikido? Specifically, Seidokan. Aikido technique can be violent action, but, it can also be non harmful. Or, at worst, it can be argued that the aggressor has harmed themselves, when harm happens. Is this kind of thing ruled out by your pacifism?
  9. If I recall, there is a bit of county by county thing going on in NC. Someone needs to challenge it, at some time. It went back to a local justice making what I think was a bad call and some other places adopting it. That is purely off memory, however. It could be quite wrong. I am too tired to research it.. sorry.
  10. I find your logic impeccable. The conclusion seems solid. It is, however, a tough path. How are you defining violence?
  11. well, there is me. But I am the only one going to the meeting, so...
  12. a bit off topic, but on the subject of your local debate. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/09/welfare-reform-direct-cash-poor/407236/
  13. The punishment for being uncompassionate is lacking compassion. It is far worse than hell.
  14. Hi, Rev Callie. Pleased to see you active on here again. When I drifted off, it seemed you had gone dormant. Drive by posting, this is. Most of you haven't seen my ugly mug about here for a long time. I may try to start being a thorn here again, but, I also got's stuff, so we shall see. As to the question in the original post.. My belief is that we are in what is probably an existential crisis for the country and possibly the world. I don't view Trump as Hitler. I think he is a bit more like Caligula. Bit Trump is a puppet, so none of that matters. My belief system is agnostic, but, even so, there are a few things I am finding hard to doubt. First is that there is probably no such thing as free will, and second is that humans are an extinction level event for planet earth. Those seem Nihilistic, I suppose. They certainly don't, as beliefs, compel me to any specific action or inaction. And yet, despite those beliefs I feel compelled, nonetheless. (which tends to support my contention on free will.) So, I must resist the destruction of the the rule of law and the constitution that underpins that law. I kinda doubt it will help..
  15. then you haven't accepted it as objectively moral. Just probably moral. And in that doubt, I agree, there is hope.