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  1. and in Florida that might be good advise, I don't know. But in my state the clerks are forbidden to give legal advise or opinions. They sometimes do, but they aren't allowed to. And they are just as likely to be wrong as right. It seems pretty inconceivable that someone could successfully sue a minister for "wrongful nuptials ". Far more likely would be that a snafu messes up their marriage ceremony or documentation and they sue for failure to perform contracted services.
  2. The law in WI does not require registration, this is correct. I am not sure when the law was changed, but it has been like this for quite a while. I would say at least 10 years.. I assume you live in state. WI has a funny sponsorship law for non resident ministers..
  3. In as much as I tend to think anything is "artificial", I suppose. As I tend towards determinism these days, I can certainly agree with the idea of evolutionary development of morality, or at least our understanding of what the concept means. Much of that understanding has been shaped by convenience. Being murdered is inconvenient, and thus murder is deemed morally wrong. But, killing some "other" people has proven quite convenient, and been given a moral blessing. And certainly, killing animals is generally morally acceptable, not because it is necessarily moral but because it is convenient and tasty.. Perhaps we could define moral actions as taking a less convenient action over a more convenient action, because the less convenient action promotes the welfare of others. Debate?
  4. Don't know.. Some things seem pretty obvious, but I am not sure that makes em true.. Not certain morality isn't an invention..
  5. depends on the state. Minnesota does, and Wisconsin does not, for example, have registry.
  6. Anyone from SD? I have a couple who had planned to marry in WI, but has had to change plans, and now plans to marry in SD. They contacted me to get a sponsorship letter for WI. Now they are wondering if it is a valid sponsorship for SD. I found the statutes online. As I suspected, there is no sponsorship requirement, and it looks like simple ordination with ULC is good for SD. But, without reading every bit, I am wondering if anyone wants to summarize the other rules. I thought I saw something about the minister keeping a record book? How many days to turn over the license.. All those nice to know so one doesn't leave a big hole in the marriage process.. Anyone a near expert?
  7. That makes me wonder if it is a mis diagnosis. Not something he would consider, if it is his specialty. "to a man with a hammer, every problem is a nail", kinda thing.
  8. ah, that is a horse of another color. I have no other advise though. A few years is a long time in modern technology. How long have you been suffering?
  9. On your profile you say you have a wonderful girlfriend? You describe yourself as a "Hopeful Agnostic". Now, that may be old info, but even if it is, you appear to have only been here since 06? So, that information is only, at most, 3-4 years old. You are 37? If your life has changed that much in the past 3-4 years (ten percent of your life) and you can expect to live - barring the idea that this depression is brought on by a terminal illness - another 40 to 60 years, you can expect your life to change a lot between now and then. You mention medicine and technique, so I am guessing you are dealing with depression, and on meds, but they don't work. I have a friend who has faced this for years. She moved from minnesota, to Az, which helped her, a lot. You are already in AZ, so, obviously, this isn't about AZ. But, a change of environment may be good. It creates a sense of opportunity. Also, a task that requires focus. My friend studied art. She is not cured. She still has bad periods. Sometimes very bad. But, she also has more good periods. I have never known any one to work harder at life. She is amazing. Try to be amazing.
  10. Not sure this is so clear. Ordained, and accredited by may not have the same legal weight. You need to talk to a local lawyer on this. It may be they are looking for an ULC accredidation, as in you have passed some course work, and ULC sanctions your technique..
  11. Full contact origami. That is funny..

  12. The link in Rev. Joe's post is my website. The site has the information. It can also be found elsewhere in the forum archives, and in my Yahoo group. I am pretty well connected now for this process, and wrote probably 2-3 hundred letters this year.(I haven't counted yet..) I am one of a handful of people to whom HQ refers requests that come in for this service. It is the bulk of my ministry, at the moment. http://ulcwisconsin.org/html/sponoshiptemp.html
  13. I do that as referenced here.As does the original poster.
  14. Tough and interesting question. I considered Lazarus Long, from Heinlein, John Carter of Mars from ERB, Death from Discworld, and even Jesus, but am currently leaning towards Tom Jones. Edited to add There is also a strong attraction to choosing someone from a story I have not yet read. The mystery of the future is compelling.
  15. I am looking into it too, and expect to have it fixed shortly. Probably about one minute before Murph thinks he has it fixed. So I won't hold it against him if he claims credit.
  16. I don't suppose you might be interested in doing some legal advising for ULC of Wisconsin? I agree that the easiest approach is to provide the letter, but timelines can be seriously impacted by this requirement. A license has a 5 day waiting period on it. If the couple only learns of this sponsorship at the last minute, getting a letter in time can be impossible. The best solution is to get this sponsorship letter requirement removed. I would like some help getting that ball rolling.
  17. still working under the impression it is a cult, and therefor leaving is not an option. Waiting for an intervention from my family, but I am not sure they have noticed the absense..
  18. Lost Battles: Reconstructing the Great Clashes of the Ancient World by Philip Sabin and Making Money by Terry Pratchett. Oh, and some book by Butcher.. his first dresden book, I think, but that is currently shelved.
  19. I add verbal pollution to your virtual environs..

  20. hmm. well, depends of if you trust them, I guess. The law makes the officiant responsible. I can see where a couple could scam a minister in this fashion, if there were no witnesses the minister could rely upon, and say the minister failed to do their job, and bring legal action. This is a long shot, I should think, but possible.