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  1. Fair advise on all counts. Thank you for the continued advise. I really am taking all of this into account and forming my plans accordingly. I am truly thankful for all the advise given to me. I have a rough idea already of what the message is I wish to get across to the people of all denominations of faith, people various spiritual paths, and everyday people in general. My sermons are already in heart and being processed through notes and careful research. I will use these tips in conjunction with my general knowledge and research will help me along the way. Thank you all once more. Sincerely, Rev. Morse
  2. Welcome to the forum! We're pleased you decided to join our growing family of friends and ever so look forward to getting to know you. We're always happy to have new perspectives that give us all something to ponder. You will need to make at least one post to respond to a PM, why not take a moment to introduce yourself to the group now? Blessings to you and yours,

  3. Well thank you for the advise both of you. I was not sure. ALTHOUGH according to certain web research Former President Bush had begun federal funding for faith based organizations. None-the-less, It'd likely be a huge issue to go on one's own to get said grants. As far as generating donation...I'm not sure how to legally go about that without a bunch of issues. Any ideas?
  4. Now that I am ordained, I wish to begin my ministry; however, I also have next to no money to start off effectively. I hear that there's grants and other assistance for those of us who choose to begin building a ministry. I'm not sure about several things actually: Are there grants available for clergy in the State of Florida? Does one have to proclaim the title of their church being Universal Life Church <insert location branch here> or does the minister have to pick a unique individual name for his/her church? I've already begun looking into federal grants via however, without being able to properly answer the question just above I cannot register to begin the process. Does anybody have any helpful hints for me in this process beyond what leads I have via rumor mill? Sincerely, Rev. Morse