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  1. I have been looking for an excuse to post this link for a while.. silly, and on topic in some sense..
  2. We can leave? This is a cult, right?
  3. did you stay to the end of the credits?
  4. The song that never ends... (it just goes on and on my friends).
  5. The game is Empire of the Petal Throne, actually the second RPG published by TSR, created by Linguistics Professor M.A.R. Barker of the University of Minnesota. Not surprised you never heard of the book, as it was independently published, though he did have two other books set in the world published (I think under DAW) It was arguably the first published Game Setting, and, interestingly, not inspired by western mythology or Tolkien. It is an ok book, however, with a few really nice touches and a rather Deus ex Machina ending. Next up. I am America and So Can You..
  6. hey, I used to be thirty two.

  7. Lords of Tsamra by M.A.R. Barker. Let's see who has old school gamer geek cred. Without Google, who knows anything about this book, it's setting or Author..
  8. you appear to be commenting to yourself. Probably comes from walking too many Labrynthy thingies..

  9. easier, and far more convincing to others, if you simply take down dictation from on high. Not making sense is a then an asset..
  10. well, not a movie - yet - but Ray Wise does an excellent satan in Reaper on the boob tube.
  11. looks just like winston churchill. They all do..
  12. well, by my calculations, you are well into 08. So, for those of us still waiting, how's it shaping up?
  13. ooh...oooh.. I have a great combo. I have been told, at various times, by persons apparently delusional, that I looked like Ed Harris Bruce Willis David Lee Roth.. I don't think any of those is even remotely true, btw. When I had long hair, I could almost see a DL Roth connection... maybe... well, we were both blond with high cheekbones.. two eyes and a mouth..
  14. It's the high british accent. make everything sound smart and friendly. If the guy who came to america hadn't had a cockney accent, we probably wouldn't have objected to the stamp tax..
  15. just saw it, and man, it would have been some much more of what it was if they had made it 300 3D
  16. yes. Course they would have objected to a historically accurate movie as well, since the Persian army got spanked and sent home at that battle.
  17. I look forward to seeing this (have postponed it twice) but I know that I will be disappointed. One of the great battles of history, it really doesn't need the fantasy element to make a good story. Wish I had seen teh History channel program, but I got rid of cable a year ago.. maybe it is on net flix?
  18. conservatize me by John Moe, a one month experiment by a liberal to convert. Horatio Hornblower and Thud by Terry Pratchett.
  19. The book is brilliant! Marvelous! A masterpiece! A work of art! So they must have nailed it..
  20. I have just learned that Hogfather is coming out in the land that perfected Tea time. I am seriously jealous. I will hope one of you will DVR it and upload it to me directly... That would make a good peace offering. Otherwise, I will have to boycott everything to do with Benny Hill. (cept the original "Italian Job" movie.)