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  1. I just brought you rating down from 5 stars to 3 stars! Whee!

  2. I'd certainly talk more about the benefits of giving me money.
  3. Ergot does not contain strychnine. It does, however, contain several alkaloids that can kill you, or make you lose your extremities. Not to mention the violent seizures, and the inescapable feeling that you are being burned alive.
  4. I got my wife to read that one earlier this year. It gave her nightmares. I'm reading A Confederacy Of Dunces.
  5. There's sort of a PJ Wodehouse meets Douglass Adams thing going on with his books. Keep in mind that Hogfather is in the middle of a very long series, and while it is, technically, a standalone novel there is a lot of in-joking.
  6. You really should put up some sort of disclaimer. If someone slipped in a puddle while reading this profile, you'd have some serious liability issues!

  7. 5 years old? You need to slow down, dude. You look like crap for your age.

  8. I like the green shirt you're wearing in your personal photo. Is that wool?

  9. You seem like the sort of person who would know how much wood a wood chuck could chuck.

  10. You win the prize for most emoticons in a profile!

  11. No personal statement? It's like your profile is nekked!

  12. Worst profile ever...

  13. Woo Hoo! Second comment!

  14. This profile needs fewer comments.

  15. I have trouble taking him seriously. In my eyes, he will always be Bertie Wooster....
  16. Do you vote? Ultimately, it could be. Might as well figure out how you feel about it while there's no pressure, eh?
  17. Sure about that? One of the traits that make for a good actor is the ability to mimic the actions of others. Is she mature, or does she simply act mature? And when the chips are down, would you rather err by thinking her more mature than she actually is, or by thinking her more vulnerable and in need of more protection than she actually is?
  18. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, but missed the nihilistic flavor of the previous incarnations. Events seemed so purposeful, and even Zaphod had a plan... That was almost as odd as watching Ford played as a nice person. Still, it was a fun watch and they stuck the Marvin from the BBC miniseries in the queue scene so that wierdos like me would get a chuckle....