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  1. boteomm

    Currently Reading . . .

    "It's a half a mile to the outhouse" Author:Willie Mayket Illisrated by Betty Waunt
  2. boteomm

    Open Question About Morals

    i disagree. history is written by the victors, and it is thier morality that is considered valid. back when we were killing each other over firewood and berries, it was'nt the peaceful that evolved----they died and gave up thier firewood and such. possibly why the world is such a violent place? Darwinism does'nt generally favor the peaceful, unfortunately.
  3. boteomm

    Never Ending Story

    fell to thier knees and started singing:"my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard....", as....
  4. boteomm

    Never Ending Story

    CRUNCHMONKEY. suddenly, Nipples dog, Winnebagos, came running. He.....
  5. boteomm

    Never Ending Story

    assembled throng, show me your thongs!!!" then he pulled out some tongs...
  6. boteomm

    Never Ending Story

    put thier left foot in, then take it out, then put it in and shake it all around. But Nipples (they called him that, long story)...
  7. *sound of the wind*

  8. boteomm


    i had to exorcize several people from a friends living room the other night. all i needed were a few other large men, a loud voice, and no hint of playing games.
  9. boteomm

    Post-apocalyptic Ooks

    no, but i just looked at the wiki entry. it would be pretty funny if that stuff didnt really go on.. one step down from Westboro Baptist, imo.
  10. boteomm

    Post-apocalyptic Ooks

    if'n you dig comedy, Left Behind series is pretty funny.
  11. boteomm

    The Sarah Conor Chronicle's Fan Club

    dude...that is one desperate teenage boy, to fall in love with a machine. i wonder if she has, you know, ALL the parts? wouldnt she rust? me, id want one of the liquid metal ones, it would be like you could date anyone. "no, you were Angelina Jolie last night, how bout Jessica Alba tonight?"
  12. boteomm

    The Sarah Conor Chronicle's Fan Club

    see, in the movies, time travel was possible, but it was hard. it could only be done from the future going backwards, and once you went back in time you were stuck there. in the series, they did it fairly easily. if they can time travel so easy, why dont they go back and stop everyone from making SKYNET in the first place, and avoid all the drama and killing? i mean, they could just turn the guy who made TURK on to heroin or something. or since he had a thing for Sarah Conner, she could be his girlfriend and she could sabotage his work all the time without him noticing.
  13. boteomm

    Down With Societal Classification!

    why can't i be proud of whatever i identify myself with? i personally don't refer to myself as anything but an American, but if i did it would be my choice. since Canada is part of America (as opposed to the United States) then arent Canadians and Mexicans American?
  14. boteomm

    Down With Societal Classification!

    im one of those who is so white, that without a tan you can see the viens beneath my skin. but Africa is the cradle of life, right? so i put down African-American.
  15. boteomm

    Coversations With God...

    they sound like good books. thanks for the hot tip.