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  1. You should read the Stone edition the Tanach. It is the best english translation. It has facing page hebrew so you can check the translation for accuracy.
  2. Proverbs 18:24 A man with friends is befriended; sometimes a friend is closer than a brother. According to annotations in the Tanach (Stone Edition): At times friends become more deeply attached than brothers, because friendship is founded on choice; the hearts and minds of friends have come to know and esteem one another.
  3. Nietzsche said there was only one christian, and he died on a cross. So then, whom are christians and who are not?
  4. Just outside of Muncie, where an airline pilot reported see a disembodied ass at 30,000 feet.
  5. quick check of your tire pressure. As he inserted his nozzle
  6. As this epiphany sunk in, he sacrificed the goat, turned the dyhdrated water into sand. Then realizing no labor was allowed on the sabbath he was going to leave his a** on the floor when
  7. Try this for a contradiction. Compare I Cor 11:4 to I Cor 14:34.