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How do I replace destroyed documents?

What Special Titles/ HQ Degrees are on file for me?

Where can I send a support ticket?

What is my ordination date?

How do I report a bug or error on the site?

How can I change/update my address or other information?

How can I contact you by email for support?

Why was my payment declined?

What do I do if my order never arrived?

How do I cancel my order?

How do I change/update my email info for the newsletter?

What if there is an item missing from my order?

How do I make changes to my order?

Can I withdraw my ordination request?

There is no record of my order at Headquarters

Headquarters has no record of my order

How long does it take to receive a diploma from ULC Seminary?

Why am I being charged for shipping on my Seminary email course?

I am missing a lesson from my Seminary course

Where do I post or submit my Seminary course homework?

I am not able to Enroll at ULC Seminary

What is a Seminary Student Account?

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