Why was my payment declined?

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The reason for a card being declined is not disclosed to us.

Cards are often declined because the card number, expiration date or three digit verification was entered incorrectly. If you recently activated a replacement card for an existing account, you will need to use the new expiration date or verification code, even if the expiration date on the old card has not passed.

In other cases, a credit card company will decline a transaction as a precaution if your purchase activity seems unusual in comparison to your past purchases. When this happens, they will put a hold on the card until you contact them to verify recent transactions. Other reasons a card might be declined may be that the account is over its limit or a payment is delinquent.

Please contact your credit card issuer using the phone number on the back of the card of shown on your paper or online statement. They will be able to determine why the card was declined and resolve the issue.

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