What do I do if my order never arrived?

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Be sure that all of the items in your order have shipped already. If you order displays your Package Tracking Numbers, check with the shipper to confirm that your packages were delivered. If your packages each show a status of “delivered”, be sure to ask any others with whom you live if they may have your shipment. We have seen this happen many times, where a spouse or other family member will take a shipment and toss it in the back seat of a car or allow it to accumulate with junk mail.

If you have small mailbox or use a PO Box, the local post office will often leave you a notice to pick up the item at the post office counter. The notice is small and can easily be lost among the abundance of junk mail that we all receive daily. They may also leave a key for a package locker, which again can often be overlooked, so be sure to check out these options if your shipment shows “delivered” but you don’t see it.

If you live in an apartment, mobile home park or other type of managed complex, the post office may sometimes drop packages at the office if they won’t fit in the mailbox. We have seen that many time, managers neglect to notify residents of such deliveries.

If some of the items you ordered arrived, but not all, check the enclosed receipt. It should indicate any items that are being shipped separately.

Often, we have seen that items shipped on the same date do not arrive at the same time! If there is no indication of the missing item being shipped separately, please let us know. Maybe we made a mistake!

We guarantee the delivery of every shipment we send. In the case of a damaged or delayed shipment, we may need to inquire with or file a claim with the postal service or courier. Their requirements are that we allow for a reasonable time period for delivery, except in the cases of guaranteed delivery times (offered by FedEx Express and USPS Express). International shipments can on occasion take much longer than expected (as much as two months in some rare instances). Normally we see timely delivery of our shipments, but it can happen and it is something over which we have no control.

In the case of international shipments, customs inspections can occur randomly. Even though you may have experienced prompt deliveries from the USA previously, it does not mean all shipments will be as timely. This is not something anyone can control and will be determined by your country’s postal service and customs inspectors. We will notify you when the order is shipped and if tracking is available we will provide that as well.

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