How do I report a bug or error on the site?

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To report a bug or error you find on the website, please submit the information on our bug report form below.

Submitting a site error/bug report form is for website error reporting only.

Examples of items we encourage you to report are:

  • Notifications of errors in the site code.
  • Images/text stacked on top of other text.
  • Broken/missing links.
  • Navigation link leads to the wrong place.
  • Page not found.
  • Site is trying to loading images that are missing.
  • Special character errors.
  • Buttons not working properly.
  • Someone has spammed the Prayer Page or Gratitude Wall

Please note:

  • If the site is loading slowly, a local ISP (internet service provider) may be having temporary issues.
  • The quality of local wifi for mobile devices may cause slower loading speeds.
  • We do not serve ads or popups on this site, but certain privacy blockers on your browser may inhibit full functionality to browse the site.

We appreciate all of your help, support and your patience.

Reporting any errors helps us to fix errors immediately and extend a pleasant experience to everyone visiting our site. We hope to have you continue visiting and recommending us.

Thank you in advance.


Site Error / Bug Report Form
First Name, Nickname or Initials
Please enter your email, in case we can follow up with you.
This form is for reporting site errors only. This department does not handle messages for sales orders.
Please give us the details about the site error / bug you are reporting. Helpful information can include the name of the page, form, button, or url that has the error.
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