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I enjoy concerts a lot. I was wondering how many of you fine folks like them as well and if you'd list or give us a sample of some of what you have seen.

Concerts I've seen.

Black sabbath ( all the original members)

Iron Maiden (Dickinson maiden but there really isn't another one)

Slayer (x3)

Rob Zombie (x2)

Black Label Society (x2)

In This Moment (x2)

Marylin Manson

Rolling Stones



American Head Charge


Five Finger Death Punch

Killswitch Engage (x3)

In Flames

As I Lay Dying


A Dozen Furies

The Haunted

Arch Enemy

The Black Dahlia Murder(x3)

Bury Your Dead

It Dies Today



Trivium (x2)

Cannibal Corpse

Judas Priest




Alanis Morrisette

Social Distortion


Dry Cell



Bullet For My Valentine

All that remains

God forbid


Job for a Cowboy



3 inches of blood

Norma jean

lamb of God (x3)



Shadows Fall (x3)

Winds of plague

Powerman 5000


System of a Down





Taking dawn

Staind (x3)

3 doors down

Breaking Benjamin





Children of Bodom

Bruise Brothers

Dave Matthews

Bruce Springsteen

Brand New Sin

That enough for now, I've seen a lot more believe it or not. A ton of local bands I don't bother adding. I've attended many times what used to be a local bluegrass festival, that was world famous, where I used to live. I had the honor of seeing a lot of bluegrass legends and very popular groups play. I've also went to a lot of blues and jamband festivals and had the honor of seeing a lot of the greats there as well.

Anybody else got any cool shows or stories?

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The first concert I ever saw was on Christmas Eve 1975, Queen playing at Hammersmith Odeon. Bohemian Rhapsody was at the top of the charts. I saw them again a few times - at Hyde Park, at Wembley, and at a small free gig they did when they recorded the film for 'We Are the Champions' - for which I bunked off school.

Santana (twice - Wembley and Crystal Palace) Eric Clapton (supported by Elvis Costello and Freddie King), Bod Dylan in his gospel years (at Blackbush Airfield, where I can't really say I saw him, but I could see his hat), and where he was supported by Joan Armatrading. I saw Pink Floyd twice, once on their Animals tour. I saw Roxy Music and someone on stage seemed to be inviting me and my friend, who were right at the front, to come around backstage - we didn't. Then the punk years: Siouxsie Sioux, XTC, The Damned, The Stranglers at Brunel University. I missed seeing the Sex Pistols (but Johnny Rotten, who now advertises butter, lived in a squat down the road from my parish church and once told someone I knew to ... go forth and multiply... which made him very proud), a strange band called Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds, The Slits (I saw Ari Up died recently), a band called The Jam at a tiny pub in Hammersmith called the Red Cow and where someone said they'd just signed a record contract, and several times the wonderful Ian Dury and the Blockheads, once on the Stiff Records first tour supported by Wreckless Eric and various others... Then I saw UB40 (a local band) at college and came home to find I'd worn holes in my socks from dancing. Saw The Smiths, complete with the chucking of gladioli: didn't do much for me, I must say. Saw a number of bands in and around Liverpool in the 80s: Echo and the Bunnymen, the Teardrop Explodes. I saw Mud and the Glitter Band on a nostalgia tour where I realised I knew all the words. Saw Nina Simone in her old age, but she was still great. John Cooper Clarke, both as a gig and at the Cheltenham Literature festival, where he just told very complicated shaggy dog stories all evening. After that, I was going to Glastonbury on a regular basis, often in the vicinity of a British bluegrass band called The Wild Turkey Brothers who very nearly made it... saw The Levellers, Bjork, and many other gigs by the obscure and less obscure. I saw King Solomon Burke, who died recently, in Naples, supported by Ike Turner and the Ikettes.

The most recent, I saw Coldplay a couple of years ago in Abu Dhabi and was bored, though a major electical storm in the middle was exciting.

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taj mahal


chris smithers

jackson browne

steve miller band

the rolling stones

chris issak

bruce springsteen

warren zevon

patty smith

green day

ani difranco

(the sixth grade band at penn charter)

magnetic fields

belle and sebastian

richard shindell

jeb loy nichols

frances dunnerey

the san francisco symphony orchestra(beethoven's 9th)


rat dog

jerry garcia band

and of course, more grateful dead shows

than I can count(and probably, a few I can't remember)

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Too many to remember, really. I think it is about 65 concerts total. I'll try to pop off some of them....

My last concert was Eric Clapton in about 2001 (likely the best concert I have seen)

US Festival (1983) which included Ozzy, Judas Preist, Van Halen, Scorpions, and about a dozen other famous bands over a 3 day period

Eagles (their Hell Freezes Over tour (1996?) which included all their solo efforts - awesome)

Crosby Stills and Nash (long and awesome)

Eddie Money (he was slumming at a fair)


Arlo Guthrie (he did Alice)

Kiss (1978, first concert)

George Thorogood

Paul Simon

Mama and the Papas





AC/DC (in Australia, got lucky)

Jimmy Buffet (UCSD Aztec stadium, still got the shark fin hat)

Steve Miller

Motley Crue (in a cramped little theater in Pasadena, circa 1979)

Leon Russell

Stevie Ray Vaughn (movie theater, 1986ish, Pensacola)

George Straight (a date in TX, with a friends wife :ph34r: )

Ray Charles (Visalia, one of his last appearances, I think)

Bruce Hornsby (beach in FLA, it rained, didn't care)

...and many others...Man, I cannot even remember them all. Somewhere in a box in the garage I have a fairly comprehensive list that I have not seen in years. If I remember more, I'll post 'em.

Biggest Regrets:

Led Zeppelin (had advanced tickets for their 1980 return to L.A., then Bonzo had the audacity to OD prior to the event)

Frank Sinatra (had tickets, sold them due to having to pick up my then-wife at the Atlanta airport, PISSED ME OFF)

Stones (never had the opportunity)

Pink Floyd (never had the opportunity)

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Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble - The Boathouse in Va Beach

ZZ top - Hampton Coliseum - backstage passes...

The Grateful Dead - RFK

Pink Floyd - Charlotte NC ( i think - it's all fuzzy ) open Air Stadium

Jackson Brown - pavilion in Va Beach

Loverboy - Hampton Coliseum

Ozzy Osborne - Hampton Coliseum

Cheap Trick - Hampton Coliseum

Duran Duran - with cheap trick above - would you believe Cheap Trick was the opener?

L7 - small bar in Ocean View, Va - those girls were nuts !!

Ronnie James Dio - somewhere in Va Beach... it's all a blur...

I'm forever finding ticket stubs I had forgotten about...

for many years when I was younger there was a bar in Ocean View, Va which was on the Heavy Metal circuit - I saw hundreds of budding metal bands - some made it - most didn't...

likewise at all the festivals at Va Beach, I have seen all the bands on the radio that I have been interested in for years... I couldn't count them.

I'm severely jealous that someone here saw Manson and not me......

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I surfed into the mosh pit when Metallica played Woodstock. Found myself dumped in with these two huge Norwegian fellas, seven foot tall and built like tanks, that had been knocking everyone around. I was focused on the band, ignoring the shoves and blows. I caught Hetfield's eye, held up one finger, flashed peace and laughed as I gazed at the ground. Ain't no one here but the music, what a riot! They kicked off the next set and the fight came to rest. Brothers in Arms... One.. he tossed a pick out that way after the show, but the chick in front of me caught it so I consoled myself with a swan dive to Aerosmith down the mudslide... :taz::yahoo::llol:

Well, it sure beat stomping bottles barefoot at Cypress Hill. :smoke:

Ahhh, now that was a long week.

"We're all fools to make war on our brothers."

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Taj Mahal - that's one I'd forgotten.

And Gong (very odd).

Viv Stanshall, two nights running, doing Sir Henry at Rawlinson End at the LSE.

Lots of bands at various Womad gigs: The Bhundu Boys, Orkestra Baobab, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan the amazing Sufi man-mountain. (As Iain Banks says, you always have a faint suspicion he may be singing "hey hey, let's string up Salman Rushdie, hey hey").

Most recently I saw Womad concerts in a sandcastle-style fort in Arabia... an amazing free event.

Tragic Roundabout....

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This July I'll be taking my little brother on our annual pilgrimage to Mayhemfest for his birthday.

We'll be seeing Godsmack, Disturbed, Megadeth, In Flames, and Trivium (among others) from our nice Presale seats.

Our father got us tickets for our birthdays this year to see the Big 4 at Yankee stadium. That's Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer for those of you who don't know.

Anybody see any good shows or going to a good show this summer?

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~ OK, way back, went to Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' in L.A. { Don't remember much but bright lights... 70's, not quite functioning :unsure: }.

The 'Black & Blue' concert in Fresno, Black Oak Arkansas & Blue Oyster Cult. An odd combo in a red-neck town; 90% walked out after BOA. They missed a good show!

Yes, that's it.

I don't do stairs well & freekin' stadiums have steep narrow stairs & :(

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~ OK, way back, went to Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' in L.A. { Don't remember much but bright lights... 70's, not quite functioning :unsure: }.

The 'Black & Blue' concert in Fresno, Black Oak Arkansas & Blue Oyster Cult. An odd combo in a red-neck town; 90% walked out after BOA. They missed a good show!

Yes, that's it.

I don't do stairs well & freekin' stadiums have steep narrow stairs & :(

well, way back was the best time to catch the Floyd, they are not quite the same these days, if they are even still doing it.

I, of course, went to all my own bands gigs, I was in 'Freak" and "Now & Forever", but I don't know what happenned to all the tapes and footage, I wasn't much of a business man back then... -_- This guy named Ted Tule has all the videos, find him and you'll find me, but I'd rather forget about the old crap. There's a new new album on the way....

Concerts, geeze...

Pink Floyd

Grateful Dead ( a bajilloin times)

Almand Brothers

Robert Plant

Jimmy Page


Kings X

Meat Puppets

Bachman turner overdrive

Guess who

Widespread Panic

Humble Pie

ZZ top

Grand Funk Railroad

and lots of others , my brain just can't think right now,..

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Here's a list of concerts I've attended and dates, although I'm sure to have forgotten a few and some of the years are approximate -)

* Paul McCartney (1990, 2002, 2010)

* Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band (1992, 1995, 2001)

* Bob Dylan (1988, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 2007)

* The Monkees (1986, 1987, 1994, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2011)

* Black Sabbath (1983, 1997)

* Deep Purple (1991)

* Uriah Heep (2001)

* Asia (2001, 2004, 2004)

* Yes (2000)

* Olivia Newton-John (1982)

* Berlin (2001)

* Grass Roots (1986)

* Heart (1982)

* John Mellencamp (1982, 2002)

* Robert Plant (1988)

* Letters To Cleo (1998)

* Kansas (1988, 2000)

* Micky Dolenz (2005)

* UFO (2004)

* Victoria Williams (1998)

* Rick Springfield (2001, 2002, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

* Public Image Ltd. (1989)

* Alice Cooper (1986)

* LA Guns (1989)

* Sarah McLachlan (1998)

* Celtic Frost (2006)

* Adam Ant (1982)

* The Motels (2001)

* Cheap Trick (1988)

* Peter Tork (1997)

* Blue Öyster Cult (2008)

* Elton John (1988)

* Blind Melon (1994)

* Emmylou Harris (1998)

* Rocket From The Tombs (2011)

* Pete Best Band (2008)

* Tool (2001)

* Jewel (1997)

* Eric Clapton (1992)

* Wallflowers (2001)

* Jan & Dean (1996)

* REO Speedwagon (1997)

* Weird Al Yankovic (1987)

* The Rolling Stones (1994)

* Michael Nesmith (2013)

* Deftones (2001)

* Sweethearts Of The Rodeo (1988)

* Elvis Costello (2007)

* Tanya Tucker (2000)

* 1349 (2006)

* Kenny Chesney (2003)

* Herman's Hermits (1986)

* Godsmack (2001)

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Remarkably few major gigs for a music lover. I've tended more to go and see local bands, which there's little point listing.

A few stand out gigs were...

Yes (1975, Relayer tour with a Roger Dean stage set)

Run Rig at Fife Aid

Osibisa and Marillion at Fife Aid II

Rick Wakeman in Newcastle

Sirocco in Brisbane - a free gig on a lovely late summer evening.

Janis Ian at the Queens Hall. (I later saw her again at the same venue, but she was clearly unwell, and off form)

Eric Bibb at the Bath Guitar Festival.

A couple which stand out for the wrong reasons...

John Martyn at Berwick - he could barely stand, and was so out of it he couldn't tune his guitar. Still managed some great sounds some of the time, to be fair.

Jane Siberry (supporting Mike Oldfield at Edinburgh Castle) - stream of consciousness lyrics, stream of unconsciousness music. "Why are you laughing?" She finally got a sardonic round of applause for "Goodnight".

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