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  1. Almost a year later, and the problem persists. I've sent two messages to admins regarding these errors, and have received no response. ? Whats the problem, is it my account?
  2. Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck. - George Carlin
  3. Hate to be off-topic, but I always thought George Carlin was the greatest comedian. And, on film, Monty Python. They sure don't make 'em like that anymore...
  4. I'm a minister because I want to support the ULC. I have no intention of using my ordination for anything other than proof of membership, if that makes any sense. I might ordain someone if they asked but that's as far as it would go. I try to be a good person, though I haven't thought about the church doctrine while making day to day decisions.
  5. I also tried to get to the thread via a member's homepage who had posted in it and I received an error that way as well. Thanks for the quick response. :-)
  6. When trying to access the "Is the Republican Party Christian" thread from the Popular Now bar, I get the error code 2S136/V,
  7. Is Storm's Shelter gone now?

  8. 2014 concerts I've attended (most repeats :-)): Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, The Monkees, Bob Dylan, Rick Springfield (twice), X, Glen Matlock & Syl Sylvain.
  9. Thank you to all who responded. It appears that beyond form instructions ULC hasn't actually said much on this. Is it *important*? Not really, I guess not, but I wanted to have an informed answer to what many people (at least those outside of the ULC) might think is a pretty basic question. I'm surprised that it seems as though few of us have been asked this, when it came to me literally within weeks of joining. The lack of a solid consensus certainly is interesting though. Thanks Pete! Much appreciated. :-)
  10. I was discussing the ULC with a friend and he asked if the Church is an actual denomination. My reply was the ULC is a liberal religious organization, and I am not sure if 'denomination' applies here as it isn't exactly a Christian religious organization (like the Methodists, Presbyterians, etc.) - although many members/ministers are Christian, many are not. Are there any official statements on this, or...?
  11. Here's a list of concerts I've attended and dates, although I'm sure to have forgotten a few and some of the years are approximate -) * Paul McCartney (1990, 2002, 2010) * Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band (1992, 1995, 2001) * Bob Dylan (1988, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 2007) * The Monkees (1986, 1987, 1994, 1996, 2001, 2002, 2011) * Black Sabbath (1983, 1997) * Deep Purple (1991) * Uriah Heep (2001) * Asia (2001, 2004, 2004) * Yes (2000) * Olivia Newton-John (1982) * Berlin (2001) * Grass Roots (1986) * Heart (1982) * John Mellencamp (1982, 2002) * Robert Plant (1988) * Letters To Cleo (1998)