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  1. Happy Birthday! Haven't seen ya for awhile and hope all is well is your world. Blessings of Happiness, Al

  2. Yeah, my sister (when she was still alive) had a male cat that had this same problem. It actually happened twice to the poor fellow. The vet told her that it is male cats that are the most likely to get the bladder infection and that it is commonly caused by a change in diet (ie., changing from one brand of cat food to another brand). I don't know if cranberry juice works on cats (although it is said their digestive tract is quite similar to humans) but it might be worth a try. Another thing that works very well in humans and is what I have always recommended to friends, neighbors and relative
  3. Click on the link just above your post - the one ending in "romanritual.pdf" - that's it (all 716 pages).
  4. I've only been to 2 concerts just to watch: Charlie Daniel's Band Hootie and the Blow Fish I've been to numerous concerts when I worked as a volunteer medic in St. Paul, MN but never really saw much.
  5. Well "manage" is a loose term. Right now two of the birds are in cages on our kitchen table. Unfortunately, the cat's food/water dish is also on the kitchen table (to prevent Muwin from eating their food, which he loves better than his own dog food). We are constantly chasing Callie off the table where she often sits directly adjacent to Joey's cage. So far, she has only looked and has never made any attempt to knock any bird cages down or even tried to slip a paw throught the bars of the cage. Of course the operative phrase is "so far"
  6. Our home is a zoo too. Currently, (as it is usually in flux) we have the following: 3 Birds - "Gilbert" is a male Cocketiel, "Joey" is a male Parakeet and "Coco" is a male Love Bird. We inherited Joey and Coco when my mother passed on in April. 2 Dogs - "Anubis" is a 10-year old Boston Terrier and "Muwin" is a 9-year old mixed breed (a little dog). 3 Cats - "Jasmine" (Jazzy) is at least 16 years old and seems to have allergies; "Angel" (my daughter's cat) is about 12 years old and is a professional sleeper; and "Callie" (my cat) is about 5 or 6. Callie is the "driving force" in the house. She
  7. Yup - And it isn't just the feral ones either. Several of our neighbors let their cats out to roam free nearly every day. I haven't seen a squirrel around the yard for years, and the only birds still left are crows, ravens, and morning doves. We have had several incidents of wild dogs preying on whitetail deer here on the Indian Reservation where I work. The Conservation Officers have had to shoot several this last winter to protect the deer.
  8. Not only are there "legal obstacles" but I would say ecological ones as well. Wild bird, squirrel, and other small animal populations in many communities, parks, etc. have been impacted by the presence of feral cats that prey upon them. These animals for the most part have not adapted to a small cat as a "natural" preditor. Wild dogs tend to prey on the larger animals such as deer, so the same ecological consideration for them.
  9. I used the term "house" because that was the metaphor in the original post (as you well know). To me everything has a spirit - from me and you to the rock you just kicked down the path. This includes spirits that are not "attached" to an object or living thing. However, not all those spirits are loving little entities. Therefore, you can leave the doors and windows open to your house, but unless you are watchful, one of those non-loving spirits may take advantage of your situation and make an entrance to where you do not want. You or someone else may refer to this as a "possession" but that is
  10. Hex - I find your verse to be true. However, I find that the "house" has to be in order and its owner needs to be watchful, lest an undesirable entity enters.
  11. I myself find I need to be as still as possible to be able to concentrate effectively and still my mind for proper thought. The only "walk in a circle" I do is during a Medicine Wheel Ceremony.
  12. Thank you, Reverend Al. As I have not yet received my ordination, I wasn't planning on getting very "chatty" on the boards, yet. I sent the ordination request in several days ago.

  13. I don't follow any "set" religion. I have studied Christianity (was raised as a Christian), Paganism (Wicca, Native American) and several other religions. Right now I consider myself "Interfaith". Several years ago a friends of mine asked me to marry them, I agreed, but had to have them get a quick civil ceremony with a Justice of the Peace and then I "married" them in a Pagan ceremony afterwords. I also was asked by my niece about 6 years ago to conduct the funeral for her mom (my sister) when she "walked on" suddenly. Although writing ceremonies for both occassions was difficult (especially
  14. Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy our little family of friends here with gusto and fervor as we do.

    Jump on in the topics and share your views, we are always interested in new perspectives!

    Blessings of Peace,

    Reverend Al