Prayers, Blessings And Devotions For Pagan Kids

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Heres one I say for my kids at the dinner table:

Bless this food upon our plate

that we're about to masticate.

^^ I really like that one.


By: Paradox

From the moon and too the earth

A blessing to me to shield any curse

Keep me safe from blinding night

All that seeks to bump and fright

Blessings now through blinding white

I wrote this one when I was a child and all alone with no one to help me deal with my psychic sight. Especially when everyone though I was just trying to get attention or just crazy or having nightmares.


By: Paradox

Goddess bless this radiant meal

and keep me happy as I fill

I wrote that one in my teen years but it was said in my head because Christian family. (and when the only pagan resources I had access to where wiccan and goddess heavy.)

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Hey, they're good...

when my daughter was small, when I put her to bed, we would kiss one another's cheek and say "Goddess bless and goddess keep"

we also used a lot of "safe passage today for myself and others"

We fancied they helped a bit :rolleyes:

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After much searching for a night time prayer with no success, I decided to create my own.

As I lay my head to rest,

I thank you Spirit for I am blessed.

As Above is so Below,

Truly does the Heaven show.

Father Sun and Sister Moon,

Blessed am I for what you do.

Mother Earth please hold your keep,

Watch me as tonight I sleep.

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I am not Pagan, nor do I pretend to understand all the nuances of the faith, but I do have friends who are and, like you, are looking for inspiration for their little ones.

One thing that came to mind after talking to my adult Pagan friends about the elements is that there is something most of us do each day (at least in cooler weather) that any child can appreciate:

When making a cup of coffee/tea/hot cocoa:

As you draw the water, thank it for being the carrier of life. We can not live without water.

As you start the heating of the water, thank fire for infusing the water with its energy.

Soon you should see steam rising as the water comes to temperature. Acknowledge the air as you see the heated water vapor.

Add your tea/coffee/cocoa - which comes from the earth. See how the energy of the heated water creates an infusion. Acknowledge the scent of your beverage in the air.

Finally acknowledge Spirit for its power, and for the wisdom to see the five elements in all things, even the mundane drink can be a reminder of the power of the elements.

If you are so inclined, you can also add thanksgivings to your desired deity or deities.

It seems simple, but even based on my Christian background, when we appreciate the almighty in the smallest things, we find our faith multiplied in the larger things. Kids often think in literals, and the above gives real life acknowledgment instead of treating faith like the tooth fairy or Easter bunny - nice but not real.

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Thank you! That was a beautiful ritual you described.

I think my kids would like it now that they're a little older and, we will try it.

One of the things we try to do is keep that childhood wonder going into adulthood, just as Christians are to try to maintain a childlike faith.

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Thanks. I have had many discussions with friends of differing spiritual paths. What I liked about this one is that is shows the common thread we have as spiritual people. The particulars may differ, but we all need food and drink for our survival as humans, and we can acknowledge how these things came to us and for those who believe in an almighty, deity, etc. This is a simple way to lock onto something real.

A bonus extra - a friend who is a practicing Witch says that she uses a cup of tea at work as a quick grounding riteual because no one is going to give a second thought to someone having tea in a break room in a work place, but it allows her a spiritual moment. Since then, I have made it a point to have something hot to drink at work and take a minute to pray quietly. To anyone looking, I'm simply sipping my coffee. It's sad that in the secular world, we need to sometimes have ways to conceal our spiritual side, but that is reality. I hope it brings your kids the peace it brings me.

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I just happened across all of this. The central thing I want to say is, "Thanks!!"

About prayer in general, this comes from a 12-step recovery source, attributed to Meister Eckhart; "If the only prayer you said in your whole life was 'thank you,' that would suffice. That works for me on many levels.

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I'm not sure how I missed this thread for so long, but thank you Teresa for putting it up! thumbsup%281%29.gif

Being "Christo-pagan" we had several different views around our home, dinner table and off to school times when the kids were at home. But as noted above, anytime can be a quick meditation or respectful acknowledgment of our Theosophy. And yes, a simple "thanks" is really all any path requires as a prayer or mantra.

I think sometimes people, myself included, have gotten so ingrained in what we believe we try and "re-write" everything when so much of how we think or what we believe has already be expressed. Like here Teresa, so many of the things you wrote above are nearly word for word the same I learned through Äsatrú associations.

My wife Kay has a saying that "any moment that someone has to themselves can be a moment of meditation". Washing your hands, brushing your teeth, standing line at the supermarket can all be a "moment".

In the Christian path, what more need be said than how the Christ told us how to pray? "Our Father, which art in heaven..." (Matt 6:9-13)

As well, for those of the Äsatrú Folk I teach, I have written a similar one of simplicity.

Hail the All Father, from whom we are blessed,

Hail Thor for he protects us,

Hail Mimir, for he prepares our minds,

Hail Braggi for giving us our tongue (voice)!

To Heimdaler I ask the Bifrost bridge passage,

Be later in my Life,

To the Valkyre, I ask the same.

As for today, may I be Blessed by,

Family, friends and acquaintances,

Full table and horn.

Blessings Be!

Blessings of Peace,

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We do a simple meal blessing

Goddess of the verdant plain

God of golden sun ripe grain

Bless this meal here prepared

and please bless those that made it

we the allow everyone at the table to add their 'please blesses' whatever they wish to add

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A morning devotional for little ones

I am small and as sweet as can be so today that's just what I'll be,

I will smile and laugh and play, all through my day,

safe and happy that's me!

thank you for my mama and my daddy, I know they love me

thank you for the flowers and the bee's and the birds singing in the trees

thank you for the sun and the moon, they light my way and watch me through night and day.

thank you for my toys and my pets that are here to play

Thank you for the love around me every day

and for bedtime

It's time for sleep we're done with play

Thank you for the things I learned today

Goodnight sun, thank you for the day

Hello moon in my dreams you light my way

and now I snuggle safe in bed

while twinkling stars dance overhead.

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Children and Safety at public ritual

Having two young children myself who are just starting to join me at public rituals where children are welcome, and taking part in family rituals in our own home, child safety is an issue that I as a mother must be keenly aware of. Not only where my children are and what they are doing but with other people at the ritual who may not be aware of my children and where they are.

There are the obvious issues,

Small children and Pointy objects do not mix, wands and Athames, other objects such as swords, should be kept away. As mentioned in the reading it is so easy for some inattentive persons Wand or Athame to cause a child serious injury.

Candles as well are not good for small children, and as mentioned for older children (and yes even an inattentive adult) blowing a candle out the wrong way can cause wax to splash up in a persons face. Using a snuffer is certainly the way to go.

Now an issue that I must admit before this course I had not considered is the fire pit / bonfire. Not the obvious concerns about younger children and fire, that's a given. But older teens (yes again ..adults too) and the dangers of smoke inhalation. (Bad me! volunteered on FD should have thought of this one but it escaped me)

Now Spell work, yes children are a distraction, I attend a circle where children are often present. Even though they are well behaved children, they are children. I agree wholeheartedly that children (at least young children) should only attend celebratory ritual. Children are energy sponges they pick up on the energies around them absorb them and then let it all out, amplified and chaotic. During a celebratory ritual where a lot of positive happy energy is flowing this is ok, (even then it can be overwhelming for a sensitive child)

Ok Skyclad rituals, yes this one is again obvious, A child should not ever attend a skyclad ritual that is not a family ritual. I'm sorry but predators are everywhere, I personally was raised by a pedophile that was a much loved well respected ~*Schoolteacher*~. I don't have hangups about nudity and I live in a community where nudity is common, there are beaches and places where it is the norm. But I would never have my children in these places and the same goes for skyclad ritual.

My personal opinion on safety is that there should always be a person with first aid knowledge and a basic first aid kit at any ritual. I have the first aid knowledge needed to treat an injury and save a life, the knowledge doesn't help if there's not a first aid kit there to use.

Now that's a big old list of don'ts, here are some do's ::

when planning or hosting a ritual that you know children are attending keep it light, entertaining, and short. The family KISS rule applies...

*Keep it Short and Simple.*

Involve the children in anyway you can, give them a task no matter how small it may seem, let them feel like they are a part of what is happening around them.

Parents Do always know where your children are, be responsible for them. If you are taking part in a ritual be sure you have a responsible person to watch them while you are occupied.

Above all DO enjoy these moments, record them in photographs write them into your journals, these years fade away too fast and are gone. Treasure the memories.

*smiles the above is a post taken from an article I wrote please forgive and ignore the references which I forgot to remove *sheepish grin*

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I thought I would share a few our my traditions.

This pray is what is said before services:

Place the High Table in the center,

O ancestors.

The sacred light is bright.

The followers kneel to pray,

O ancestors,

With honor we call to you.

We have set you a throne with a fine tiger skin,

O ancestors,

Light one stick of incense.

The followers knee to pray,

O ancestors,

The rattling drum is sounding.

One for protection:

Lady of the Burning Sands,

Sekhmet, Mistress of Terror!

May no enemy find me,

May no harm approach me,

Your sacred fire surrounds me,

No evil can withstand Your Eye.

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I am not a Pagan either but I did make an attempt at a universal prayer on the ULC in the UK site.

May that which strengthen you, sustain you.

May that which lights your way, ever guide you.

May that which brings happiness, be always with you,

and may love and peace be never be a stranger to you.


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I am not a Pagan either but I did make an attempt at a universal prayer on the ULC in the UK site.

May that which strengthen you, sustain you.

May that which lights your way, ever guide you.

May that which brings happiness, be always with you,

and may love and peace be never be a stranger to you.


That is a prayer that would slide off my lips as if it were my own. May I have your permission to copy it and use it appropriatly?

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Dinner prayer.

Bless this meal we are about to partake, from bounty of earth we not forsake. Blessid be.

This is copy writen, but it's copy written by us, so I think I'm aloud to post it.

TBed time

Divinity above the moon stars and sun, protect me and mine now this day is done.

Allso copywritten by us.

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