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  1. Does anyone know if it is legal yet for a ULC minister to perform marriage in Canada?
  2. I am very happy to say this poem was recently chosen for publication in a book of poetry
  3. Hello Hecate's Daughter, very nice to see you here, welcome. I'm fairly new here, the people are very nice :). I'm always happy to see a sister witch I'm bit of a hedge witch myself. Looking forward to seeing more of you!

  4. I just officiated my first wedding... in World of Warcraft.. the bride insisted :-)

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    2. RevMiracle


      Well it was a virtual marriage but she requested I do the ceremony as I'm ordained. lol

    3. Rev. Troy Natereli

      Rev. Troy Natereli

      Kool, Was it an Aliance wedding?

    4. RevMiracle
  5. BTW I adore your 'dancing Tauren' that rocks
  6. lol What self respecting mmorpg player hasn't seen that video? seriously
  7. Well perhaps some evening when you have time I can introduce you to my virtual world, its free to join and there's no game to download just a browser, I think you would like exploring all the wonders it has to offer. *Smiles* I don't have much in the way of tech just my laptop and I have a cell phone but it doesn't work in Canada, it's for when I'm in the US and its just a plain old pay as you go cell. I think in general most men are like that, its the usual 'nature of the beast' and I think subconscious for the most part. I hope you enjoy your time out, if I miss you in the morning I'll catch
  8. *smiles* Yes the woman in the profile pictures is me, they were all taken in the last year. As for my AV she has many different forms depending on my mood of the day, she even has a lust demon form as well as a humanoid cloud leopard lol. Second Life is not at all like WOW (which I play) or MMO games, its not a game really but a virtual reality. I attend classes on my AV, its much nicer to have an avatar than to attend in a chat room, that way the instructors can provide visuals. I actually create the world around me for other players to enjoy. If I want a tree I make one, a house? I create
  9. Hehehe you're not 'old' till your 80, The picture I attached is my avatar, that's what people in world see when they meet me.
  10. In this world of technology many forms of social interaction take place online in a virtual environment, I wrote this poem about a virtual world called Second Life, where I attend classes on an avatar. I also work in this world as a creator and designer, helping others create their avatars and shape their virtual world to their liking. Virtual Girl by Miracle Emery on Saturday, October 9, 2010 at 8:55pm In this place you think I'm fair change my body, change my hair all you desire I can be there's just one thing you fail to see Some where out there is the real me a girl of flesh and bone a fa
  11. Comparative Myth tomorrow night, I am SO looking forward to this class!

    1. Atwater Vitki

      Atwater Vitki

      If it's anything like the one I took at DeAnza...fascinating course!! Blessings of Peace,

  12. Thank you Reverend Al, I look forward to learning more about the author all I know of him is this poem.
  13. The Mystery* This poem is ascribed to Amergin, a Milesian prince or druid who settled in Ireland hundreds of years before Christ I am the wind which breathes upon the sea, I am the wave of the ocean, I am the murmur of the billows, I am the ox of the seven combats, I am the vulture upon the rocks, I am the beam of the sun, I am the fairest of plants, I am the wild boar in valour, I am a salmon in the water, I am a lake in the plain, I am a word of science, I am the point of the lance of battle, I am the God who created in the head the fire. Who is it who throws light into the meeting on the mo
  14. I so hate it when a class is cancelled because of low registration, I'm going to have to wait until January for Dancing the Divine.

    1. Rev. Justice Rivermyst

      Rev. Justice Rivermyst

      Nuuuuu! ..Next time for sure?

    2. RevMiracle


      Yes indeedy I'll take it with the rest of the Sophomore class next term, I'm just finished first year and taking some summer courses to get a head start, I like to keep my brain engaged lol.

  15. New classes! Comparative myth next Monday, Dancing the Divine next Tuesday, and Animal Connections this Thurday, very much looking forward to new discovery!

  16. Working on an assignment 'Drawing down the Moon' then only 2 more assignments and I'm finished Ritual 101..Woot!

  17. Woke up this morning feeling very ill, still recovering from chemo, any healing that can be given would be most appreciated.

    1. Brother Michael Sky

      Brother Michael Sky

      You shall have my efforts :)

    2. Raven's Trikes

      Raven's Trikes

      I don't know magic but I wish you the best

    3. RevMiracle


      My warmest thanks for the healing and the well wishes, Blessed Be.

  18. Broken by Miracle Emery on Saturday, May 23, 2009 at 2:47pm You held my beating heart in the palm of your hand Wrapped my soul about you like a cloak The fires of love danced around you Unconditional acceptance was yours for all time My trust for you grew, a vine reaching to the stars With each secret shared a fragile crystal flower bloomed Until the vine shone with a prismatic rainbow For us both to share But you couldn't see, or didn't care about the precious things that bloomed there You crushed the flowers and broke the vine ripped the cloak from you and cast it aside My tears extinguished
  19. Forever by Miracle Emery on Monday, May 17, 2010 at 2:00am Warm sunlight through fragrant branches The smell of spring in the air A radiant beam of light in the darkness A song so beautiful it must never end This love, so deep it's ancient reaching out from time forgotten touching the root of my soul A myriad of thoughts of you, dancing in my head You reached out as I was falling to hold me safe within your heart and returned the music to my life My love will continue to last through the passages of time Until at last I am held, safe within strong arms Yours Forever
  20. Define that which gives you breath and grants you more to give, cause life ends not in death but with what lies inside while we live (Christopher Williams)

  21. Children and Safety at public ritual Having two young children myself who are just starting to join me at public rituals where children are welcome, and taking part in family rituals in our own home, child safety is an issue that I as a mother must be keenly aware of. Not only where my children are and what they are doing but with other people at the ritual who may not be aware of my children and where they are. There are the obvious issues, Small children and Pointy objects do not mix, wands and Athames, other objects such as swords, should be kept away. As mentioned in the reading it is so
  22. A morning devotional for little ones I am small and as sweet as can be so today that's just what I'll be, I will smile and laugh and play, all through my day, safe and happy that's me! thank you for my mama and my daddy, I know they love me thank you for the flowers and the bee's and the birds singing in the trees thank you for the sun and the moon, they light my way and watch me through night and day. thank you for my toys and my pets that are here to play Thank you for the love around me every day and for bedtime It's time for sleep we're done with play Thank you for the things I learned to
  23. We do a simple meal blessing Goddess of the verdant plain God of golden sun ripe grain Bless this meal here prepared and please bless those that made it we the allow everyone at the table to add their 'please blesses' whatever they wish to add
  24. Studying ! Gentle Touch Aromatherapy Massage atm, later an historical essay on Wicca due Monday *eeek*