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  1. Apparently there's an Admin CP setting for it, murphzlaw: Invision Power Board Community Support Forums System Settings > Members > Username Restrictions Replace a-zA-Z0-9 with a-zA-Z0-9' '
  2. I just wrote a hymn. I haven't yet written music for it, but here is the text. Ye children of God, follow His way! Walk in the light, be not led astray. Be you His hands, do His righteous will, sing with your hearts, with the Spirit be filled. Awake, oh sleeping child, in tenderness, loving and mild. Discern His will ever true let His Light shine on you. Let wrong and greed not be found in your midst, let your lives speak, and do not idly sit. Participate not in the deeds of the dark instead let His light shine, let Him be your ark. Awake, oh sleeping child, in tenderness, loving and mild. Discern His will ever true let His Light shine on you. Take care how you walk in the name of His son, for it is your duty that His will be done. The Kingdom within you bring forth to the Earth, only then can you know what His glory is worth. Awake, oh sleeping child, in tenderness, loving and mild. Discern His will ever true let His Light shine on you.
  3. Hey, Your settings don't allow spaces as a character in display names. That's a bit silly given they're allowed in login names anyway. So, I can't change my display name from F. Bayer to Frederic S. Bayer, which is a bit silly. Would you please consider changing that?
  4. Isn't the ULC affiliated with the ULC? It didnt look like it belonged to the monastery.
  5. I recently looked at the ULC Seminary and found quite a few courses that weren't listed in the store here. Assuming that he store contains all degrees created by the Universal Life Church per se, I was wondering how the degrees at the Seminary are valid/legal: Did they register the courses and degrees one by one with headquarters or is it possible for congregations to create courses and degrees themselves, which are then automatically accredited by the ULC?
  6. -at-RevRainbow: Why would anyone wanna do that anyway?

  7. I have experienced similar things. I am strongly influenced by buddhism in my beliefs. Thus, I meditate, usually loudly, with Oh me pe me hum. But I have experienced that others are annoyed or disturbed by this, so I am bound to do it more or less silently.
  8. I am saying prayers, and here a few tips: Determine yourself to heal, and not by thinking "I will be healed", but by thinking "I do not have neuropathy" before going to sleep.
  9. Wait, what the hell? This is my old account! The forum software says it doesn't exist anymore but it does!!!
  10. To quote Albert Einstein - I know, a Physicist rather than Metaphysicist; but both lie closer together than is usually percieved - "Everything is relative". As for that, there is no definite answer for that, period. Moral is what one's own ethics dictate it to be - therefore, entire series of books could be written about one's own perspective on matters related to ethics and moral. Now why exactly is that? Well, let's have a look at one of the several million ethical rules that the human mind consolidates within itself. This rule might look like that: The ellipsis should obviously indicate that this rule doesn't end here. Now if this is a rule by itself, imagine a million of those written down. The sheer seeming unendlessness of our entire moral and ethics code that differs from person to person, makes it completely impossible to render a compact definition of which is morally right or not.