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  1. Dinner prayer. Bless this meal we are about to partake, from bounty of earth we not forsake. Blessid be. This is copy writen, but it's copy written by us, so I think I'm aloud to post it. TBed time Divinity above the moon stars and sun, protect me and mine now this day is done. Allso copywritten by us.
  2. Thank you. According to the way the laws are written, she is not doing anything provably wrong. It is a bit disterbing.
  3. I have gotten many complaints about a woman that has bipolar disorder and have had trouble with her mself. How do I make a complaint about something that people have been saying NY state. I have no dought these people are honest, but Child protection states I have no profe. I can't get the real proof they alege they need untill after something happens to the kids. I have never done this before, and I don't understand why they don't seem to see the emergancy.
  4. I don't know if this is a leagal question or not. I'm sorry if I am posting in the wrong place. I have a church, but they told me today it is not recognized. I don't take donations, I don't charge people to help them, I don't have much money my self which is likely why I don't take donations from people and I am not a state recognized church. Most people in my town don't like my inovative yet unconventional way of doing things and there is no where to go for any guidance. I kept calling the place to form a corperation, but I can't aford it anyway and there line was always busy. All I want is to be recognized by the state so if people in my area want to leas me land to grow crops on for the poor, they can. I live in a really rual area, there is a lot of land. it seems a shame to wast it. I'm sorry about the spelling, my spell check is not working. thank you.
  5. Welcome to the Forum. We're glad to see you and hope to hear more from you in the future. So far I've enjoyed your posts. Keep on contributing! Blessings of Peace,

  6. I have been told I have medium abilities and channel things (it’s likely accurate), but I think they channel me somehow more than I channel them. I have no “control” as far as I know. Spirits tend to talk to me if they want something and if they don’t I just get glimpses of them walking by. I have no particular way of operation, if a spirit wants something the spirit will reach out. If I don’t acknowledge it at the time and it really wants something, it will stay with me until I am ready to go to sleep and as soon as I close my eyes it will be there. I have found it doesn’t pay to get annoyed with the spirit as it won’t let me go to sleep and saying “really, you’re going to do this to me now” really doesn’t help. For me, (and the spirit) it is better to just listen and agree to help it, and then find a way to inconspicuously do what the spirit asked. I find people especially in morning say things like “I wonder what such and such would want me to do” and that little statement gives me the opportunity to say “I think he/she would want you to do such and such”. After that, my obligation is filled so the spirit is happy and I never have to tell the person where the information came from. It is a win win all around.
  7. I know there are different types of Paganism. Some exclude men others exclude woman (kind of like some Christian faiths), but I like the ones that see the Devine as both masculine and feminine in one. I like the types that see men and women as equals. I don’t like any religion that tries to oppress anyone. I like the Pagan/wiccan faiths that hold or acknowledge good and bad in all people holding no one person any better than the other. Many family structures of today are dysfunctional, but I like the Pagan/Wiccan and sometimes found in Christian family structure where the female basically has all the power in the home, but at the same time she conducts herself in a manner the male approves of. It’s like each parent is a partner and has equal authority, but the male lets the female control everything as she is naturally better at nurturing the children and caring for all the needs of the family including his. Just some thoughts.
  8. I made my own charter, but did not go for the tax exempt status under the IRS 105 c 3 guidlines. As a church, I lose about $20. a month and am more interested in just breaking even than making alot of money, therefore Paying for a tax exempt is not a consern especially when you don't leagaly need it. I do keep really good financial records in case I am ever auteded and I work with other churches and non profit (105 c 3 ) places that can vairafy information like what was purchased for there programs or food pantries. I made the bylaws so I was toatally responcible if anyone tried to cause trouble for the group eventhough I have an (unafishal) councel. I also put in rules so if the next generation took over, they would not be able to become a big organization and the chances for corruption in the future would be limited. Sorry abouut spelling, I'm dislexic and the spell check will not work.