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  1. Went out on the balcony and saw the Northern Lights slowly dancing, the ancestors dancing new souls into heaven while below young soldiers are training for war, shooting guns piercing the night air. Conflict between the ancient and new ways, showing the truth of our days. T
  2. Hi, I will probably accept your friendship after I get to know you. Thanks for asking, T

  3. One of my myspace friends is in the going through a rough patch, his name is Shawn Sellers he does a blogtalk radio show called Down at the Crossroads with his partner Jake Bell. Shawn posted this as a bulletin: Hello my dear friends and family, First I want to thank each and every one of you for all your thoughts and prayers through this very difficult time for myself, the boys, and Michelle. We truly appreciate all of the help and words of encouragement. This week, a second custody hearing was held. Some of you already know I am in midst of a serious custody battle with my ex-wife. I can no longer hope that she will get help for her illness. I must fight for my sons' safety and welfare. The biggest argument she had against me was my involvement in the paranormal field. I need the support of this community to help me explain this field, and that what we do is serious scientific research and parapyschological study. Anyone who can help can send me letters or emails in regards to the paranormal field. That would be a big help. I am also asking for letters in reference of my character. I need the judge to see me for who I am...without a doubt in her mind that the boys are safe, happy and well taken care of with Michelle and I. I thank you all in advance. Your help means more to me than I can ever express to you all. One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. In light and love, Shawn His myspace is If anyone has information that he can use pertaining to the validity of studying paranormal phenomenon. Thanks T.
  4. Thank you Ed and Fawzo I had a very nice and mellow day. T.
  5. What ever is fun that day. When I lived in hickville central (Oklahoma) I had burgundy hair and wore tie dyed yoga pants, flip flops and wife beaters. Now that I'm home usually some kind of exercise clothes just because they're comfortable and designed for ease of movement.
  6. "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

  7. Hey do you still come on here?

  8. Happy Birthday all you New Years Babies (from me and my son Dale another New Years Baby though he's 11 and will argue the point LOL).
  9. Marrying priests off wouldn't help. Pedophiles are sexually attracted to children and no adult wife is going to change that all it would do is put even more children in danger - thier own.
  10. I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter's Solstice.
  11. Fawzo I'd probably join you. LOL It wouldn't matter to me if I drove people nuts, I do that all the time. Comes from being "hyperactive" now a days known as ADHD. LOL It used to drive my ex nuts that I spoke to plants and animals. Actually, I think it embarrassed him, but if he didn't like it he shouldn't have married me. Words I use to focus and or enlighten: "I can stick this out..." "I can finish this job..." "Imagine how wonderful this will be when it's complete..." Oh, you meant the other kind of focus. "Hey, you up there...." "Grandfathers/Auka I need to talk..." "Grandfathers/Auka I need advice..." "Come on guys talk to me..." "Hey, you guys talk to me..." If I feel a psychic nudge - "Hmm?" or "Hey, where have you/you guys been?" I know none of that sounds very brilliant, but it works for me. I talk to everyone like they're here in human incarnation, and since they're all family I'm very informal. Grandpa Mogg always said "There's no one better, or mightier than you." This doesn't mean that someone isn't more experienced than me though, and that's why one asks for advice. Sometimes it's just nice to feel the ancestors around you, especially when meditating and/or praying.
  12. I love it! I know my eldest daughter and I will be online, on the phone and watching the show all at the same time. LOL
  13. ""The Prisoner," a brilliant six-hour, three-night reimagining of the 1960s classic. It airs Sunday through Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on AMC. "The Prisoner" is a sometimes startling, always eye-popping meditation on freedom through the prism of mass thought control. Jim Caviezel stars as Michael, the addled detainee who finds that, on his arrival in the Village, he, like all the residents, is designated by a number, not a name. He is now Six. Ian McKellen is the charismatic, delicately despotic boss, Two. With a suave, creepy-reassuring manner, he lords over this realm with its daunting sinkholes, huge white beach ball and compliant, seemingly contented populace." Read more at
  14. I was so happy when my daughters boyfriend finally came home from Afgahnistan it seemed to us that he was gone almost forever. When he came back he didn't talk very much. Except to say that when he died no would would ever know he existed. He and my daughter went to live with his grandfather a retired Marine who had served in Viet Nam. My daughter said that he and his grandad communicated in silence. After a couple of months of being home he was sent to New Orleans for awhile. When he came home he and my daughter stayed home for three days and then appeared at my job. I came walking through the door and he was standing there all clean and dressed up pretty nice and said "Hi Mom, I'm home." After that he told me he was taking 5 baths a day, then a month later my daughter said it was cut down to 3 a day. When my daughter finally got pregnant, he came over to the house (hiding from her cuz she was on a cleaning rampage) I just looked at him and said. Well if you die now the world has proof you lived. You're a Dad. He looked and me and smiled and just said "Yeah" and continued to play his video game. He still doesn't talk much but his sense of humor is back and the fact that he's a Dad has brought the smile back into his eyes. He is starting to get interested in them doing things together as a family, where before it was always my daughter saying "Come On...lets do this....come on lets have fun..." Now he is starting to do the same. He hasn't gone back to school yet. I don't know if he will. Before the war he was in college studying to be a nurse. Now he's working for his step father's cleaning company, cleaning businesses at night where he doesn't have to be around people other than family. My prayer is that these kids not only come home safe, and sound, but that they heal, and be able to move on in thier lives, continuing to grow, and be healthy, and strong, in mind and spirit.
  15. "He" seems to be "talking" less now let's see if he's actually listening. Maybe he can answer serious questions with his own words instead of cutting and pasting.
  16. I've read out three town libraries and actually read "Coffee Tea or Me", and yes it's awful. LOL
  17. A place I worked at would let christians have Sundays off for church but wouldn't let the NAs have time off for Indian dances. Which is unfair but I was living in the Bible Belt at the time. Sometimes even unfair is local custom and if you live/work there you need to take that into consideration too. I kept working there but another NA quit so he could make it to a Drumming Ceremony. He had to be there as part of the Chiefs family.
  18. A wise old owl sat in an oak. The longer he sat, the less he spoke. The less he spoke, the more he heard. Why can't we be like that wise old bird?
  19. 'Cuz your my garterner even if you are a brat.
  20. Well that's 'cuz dogs are a mans best friend.
  21. I'm with Salem on that one.
  22. Found this website it gives a short overview of things that occured in our histories for each day of the year. The guy wrote a book and the 1st half of the page is an advertisement for it, to get to the calander scroll down to the bottom. For instance on this date June 24 he has listed; June 24th 1610: Membertou (MICMAC) becomes the 1st Indian Catholic.1832: Reverend Samuel Worcester has been arrested, and convicted of living, and working, among the CHEROKEEs with have a state permit, or having sworn an oath of allegiance to the state of Georgia. Today the Supreme Court rules that the state of Georgia has unfairly tried to exercise control over the CHEROKEEs contrary to federal law, and treaties. The court will strike down most of the anti-Indian laws passed by Georgia, including those seizing their lands, and nullifying tribal laws. Before the trail, President Andrew Jackson officially stated that he has no intention of supporting the CHEROKEEs over the state of Georgia. Speaking to the court's decision today, Jackson would be quoted as saying, "John Marshall has rendered his decision; now let him enforce it." Jackson would ignore the Supreme Court ruling, and continue in his efforts to move the CHEROKEEs out of the south, and into the Indian Territory.